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Search results

  1. Ruahnna

    New Kermie shirt

    If you are still on speaking terms with the frog, you might like this T-shirt. https://www.facebook.com/TimShumateIllustrations/ If the link doesn't work, look for the artist by name. Cool shirt for great price.
  2. Ruahnna


    “Piggy,” gasped Kermit. “Please! I know it was silly and I should have known better, but I’m begging you—come back!” From across the room, Piggy sighed. “Honestly,” she muttered. “And people say I’m a drama queen.” “Piggy—sweetheart….” Kermit said desperately. “I’ll make it up to you—I...
  3. Ruahnna

    Smells Like Swagger, Moves Like Jagger

    I can't believe I'm admitting this out loud, but the song I have played the most on my MMW soundtrack is..."Moves Like Jagger." The only thing I can say is that, when I wrote this, I was obviously under the influence of muppet awesomeness. Here's what had come of it so far.... Smells Like...
  4. Ruahnna

    December 24th Disney Store sale

    Just sharing the love.... Twice Upon a Year Sale at Disney Store Twice Upon a Year Sale at Disney Store. Shop Now to Save Up to 40% on Hundreds of Items! Tink’s Treasure of the Week: Kids Graphic Tees Now Only $10 at Disney Store. Shop Now! 30% off select Costumes at Disney Store. Shop Now...
  5. Ruahnna

    The Wider Worlds of Jim Henson book available now

    I'm very excited to say that "The Wider Worlds of Jim Henson: Essays on His Work and Legacy Beyond The Muppet Show and Sesame Street" is now available! I'm also very pleased to say that my essay, Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas: The Gift of the Muppets is included. I appreciate the hard work of...
  6. Ruahnna

    Kermit cookie cutter for IAVMMC dvd?

    Once again, I cannot find my IAVMMC dvd now that Christmas is here. I will trade a Kermit-shaped cookie cutter to anyone who has a copy they want to trade for....
  7. Ruahnna


    WOO-hoo! (Set during the filming of Muppet Wizard of Oz) They came in the door arguing. Well, to be fair, Kermit was arguing, but Piggy was doing her level best to be a nonparticipant. “And you were prancing around showing off your stockings—“ Kermit complained...
  8. Ruahnna

    A couple of oddities today

    Lately, I haven't been getting all of my emailed "watch" posts when someone posts into things I'm watching. I've heard others complain about this lately, too, so maybe someone could check into this.... But THIS ONE is weird. Weird weird. I HAVE an email saying that someone posted an update...
  9. Ruahnna

    Bargaining Chops

    Cleaning out my files and my imagination. Just a little piece of muppet fluffle.... Bargaining Chops Kermit banged after her into her dressing room, his bowtie dangling. “That’s that?”Kermit cried. “What do you mean, that’s that? Nobody says that’s that except me, and I most definitely...
  10. Ruahnna

    The fabulous work of Eric Dye

    In case you missed these in the "On the Web" section. http://churchm.ag/kermit-the-frog-robin-hood/ http://churchm.ag/the-muppets-x-men-mashup/ Enjoy, peeps!
  11. Ruahnna

    Muppets as X-Men

    http://churchm.ag/the-muppets-x-men-mashup/ He's at it again--this time with a chromosomal twist. Here are the Muppets as Mutants, by the wonderful Eric Dye. And the one of Piggy as Jean Grey is "to dye for." Enjoy!
  12. Ruahnna

    Restoration (PG-13ish, Please)

    The next section of KG references this independent story, so--with some trepidation--I am sharing it here, with two hopes: (1) That I don't horrify or scandalize anyone and (2) That I can raise the frog/pig snuggling quotient here since I'm not quite there in KG yet. Please feel free to...
  13. Ruahnna

    Kermit the Frog as Robin Hood by Dyecasting

    http://churchm.ag/kermit-the-frog-robin-hood/ These were nicely done and interesting. Almost all of them were strong depictions, except Piggy who is just too pale, too sedate and does NOT have her fabulous baby blues. Aside from my Piggy fangirl comments, kudos to Eric Dye for his nice...
  14. Ruahnna

    The Muppets The Gift of the Magi help

    I need to catch up with someone who owns this big advent calendar, because the one I found is missing book 24. If you have it, will you "conversate" me, please? I need some help! Ruahnna
  15. Ruahnna


    WARNING: Ush-gush ahead. Another "snippet" story while I wrestle KG back onto the table.... Warily, Piggy circled the room, careful to keep the furniture between them. “Come on, Piggy,” Kermit said firmly. “You can’t run forever—especially in those heels!” Piggy flashed him a look of disdain...
  16. Ruahnna


    “Aw, Honey,” said Kermit, and tried to take Piggy into his arms. “No!” she insisted. “Kermit—no! Stop this minute!” Piggy squealed, but she did not sound scary—or convincing. Kermit continued to press kisses on her neck and shoulders as they tussled on the bed...
  17. Ruahnna

    It's a Wonderful Count (Happy Birthday Ed!)

    “This is amazing!” said the birthday boy. “I didn’t even think they had The Muppet Show Season Four and Season Five out on DVD yet!” “Unwrap mine next,” said another voice. “It’s the video release of The Muppets—just in time for your birthday!” There is such a thing as “too good to be real.” Ed...
  18. Ruahnna

    Whose watching the Watches! Kermit Watch at Walmart!

    This is SOOOOO cool! My wonderful spouse got this for me as an early Christmas present!
  19. Ruahnna

    Exciting Email From Disney just arrived in my email!

    Okay--I'm not the most technologically advanced person, but I JUST GOT a totally cool email from Disney Living. I'm going to try to post it here: (Wait--I think I can do this as a web address) The subject line is "Exciting Offers from the Muppets Have Arrived: Get Details Inside...
  20. Ruahnna

    FanFic Brainstorming Campaign

    Okay-I couldn't figure out the best way to do it, so I hope this works. I have some "new story" story ideas rolling around in my head like gumballs, but I can't get any of the durn things to drop! How about we throw a little brainstorming party and see if we can't ignite a bunch of new story...