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Search results

  1. cherrypotion27

    My favorite Muppet Show Sketch with Gaffer in it

    Rolf singing a version of the song "The Cat Came Back", with Gaffer as the cat from the song. Does anyone think Gaffer looks like she's smiling when she walks past Rolf? It's like she's thinking "I'm back!", LOL. And the scene with her and the cannon was funny. That's one unique way to try and...
  2. cherrypotion27

    A couple of Muppet Show related questions

    I have a couple of Muppet Show related questions. First of all, in Lynda Carter's performance of the song "The Rubberband Man", we see her with these puppets called The Rubberband Men, who appear to be living rubber bands. How were those puppets performed? Also, what exactly is Beuregard, the...
  3. cherrypotion27

    Labyrinth named one of the 50 Best Cult Movies

    So cool! Labyrinth is one of my favorite fantasy movies. I have a bunch of Labyrinth collectibles, including the soundtrack CD ("Magic Dance" is my favorite song from the movie).
  4. cherrypotion27

    What Muppet Plushes that Haven't Been Made would You like to see?

    Hi everyone! Just curious, but what Muppet plushes that have not been made yet would you like to see get made? As a cat lover and Gaffer fan, I would love to see a plush of Gaffer from The Muppet Show get made, one that looks a lot like the actual puppet. I love Gaffer: she is absolutely adorable!
  5. cherrypotion27

    If You Could Bring Back One Lost Character...

    I'd bring back Gaffer for sure. I love the cute kitty!
  6. cherrypotion27

    Sesame Street (Jack and Diane parody)

    That is awesome. Love it! And I love that it parodies "Jack and Diane" (one of my favorite 80's songs).
  7. cherrypotion27

    Video: Kermit Sings "Rainbow Connection" during social distancing

    Kermit singing "Rainbow Connection" has always been a magical thing for me. That frog is one talented singer!
  8. cherrypotion27

    Favorite Fraggle

    my favorite fraggles are Boober and Gobo. The fraggle I have the most in common with though, is Mokey: we're both artistic.
  9. cherrypotion27

    Who is your Fave Sesame Street Muppet?

    I love Grover, especially his alter ego Super Grover. And Super Grover 2.0 is pretty cool too (love the new costume).
  10. cherrypotion27

    Heeyy froggiee baaaaabbyyyy!

    Don't really remember that one, ISNorden, but I do remember that Grover was almost always greeting Kermit with the "Hey, frogggggy babyyyyyy!" line and the slap on the back. Grover is definitely one of my fave SS characters, especially when he's in his Super Grover persona.
  11. cherrypotion27

    Looking for a Living Puppets 2006 Super Grover plush doll

    Hi there. Does anyone out there know where I can find a Living Puppets 2006 Super Grover plush doll (preferably from a seller that accepts either bank or postal money orders as payment for the doll- I can't do credit card payments, as my card is maxed out)? I love Super Grover, and would love to...
  12. cherrypotion27

    Heeyy froggiee baaaaabbyyyy!

    You know, I completely forgot about Grover's "Hey, frogggggy babyyyyyy!" line until I saw this thread. As a kid, I thought the "Hey, frogggggy babyyyyyy!" line was hilarious. Thanks for bringing back an old memory, Katzi and Minor! (Smiles).
  13. cherrypotion27

    First Fraggle Rock fan fic drawing!

    My fanart Hi Collgoff. To see the pictures of the girl that was to be Erica, go to http://cherrypotion27.deviantart.com/ and look for my pictures of a girl named Sarah. I changed Erica's name to Sarah and am no longer using her as my FR fanfic character.
  14. cherrypotion27

    Update On My Fraggle Fan fic!

    My fanfic Hi there Collgoff, and sorry for my late reply. I've put my Fraggle Rock fan fiction on hold mostly due to writer's block and being busy with a variety of other things (health issues mainly, but also work and other things). But when I do get back to it, I'll be posting it here for sure.:)
  15. cherrypotion27

    Puzzle sketch on Oldskool Sesame Street?

    One memory of oldskool Sesame Street is of a puzzle segment. The sketch featured a scrambled puzzle image that unscrambled itself to weird music (if memory serves me correctly, one of these puzzles was an image of Ernie, and the sketch ended with Ernie's snickering laugh). Does anyone remember...
  16. cherrypotion27

    The Phantom Tollbooth

    I've both read the book and seen the animated movie (I love the movie, and I'm a huge fan of the Chuck Jones/Les Tremayne version of The Humbug).
  17. cherrypotion27

    The "Does this ever happen to you?" thread

    That happens to me sometimes, especially after hearing a song I haven't heard for a while, in which case I can't get it out of my head for the rest of the day. In my case, its usually tunes from the 70's and 80's.
  18. cherrypotion27

    These are a few of my favorite things...

    Amongst my favorite things are cats (I have a one year old female Maine Coon cat named Desi), cherries (hence my screen name), 70's and 80's pop and rock music, milkshakes, the color pink, pizza, peasant tops, and, of course, Boober Fraggle. Patricia/Cherrypotion27
  19. cherrypotion27

    How's the weather where you are?

    I live in Surrey, BC, Canada, and the weather the last few days has been quite nice: sunny, but cool. Patricia/cherrypotion27
  20. cherrypotion27

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Song I'm listening to "All Day" by the 80's group Idle Eyes (they're the same group that did the song "Tokyo Rose"). Patricia/Cherrypotion27:)