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Search results

  1. Misskermie

    Selling my Muppet collection on Mercari

    I've never posted in this part of the forum, :o with me kids. So, while I definitely still have a love and appreciation for Muppets, I admit my passion for them has died down a bit, to the point where I feel like I can afford to get rid of some of the stuff I have. That being said, I'm using...
  2. Misskermie

    Anyone here a fan of "Aggretsuko"?

    I absolutely adore this show. I'm not big on a lot Netflix series, but Aggretsuko is like... Super relatable for me (Mostly because I hate my job, and my boss lol). And I find it hilarious. Anyone here a fan, and hyped for Season 2? Any favorite characters? I adore Gori and Retsuko. If you're...
  3. Misskermie

    One Frog, Two Pigs

    Hi-Lo Jaz the human here. Its been a while but here I am! Again... (I'm trying not to make a big intro because I don't want to lose the words I'm gonna write :P) Here we go! In the icy depths of Sibera was a lonely Gulag. It housed many inmates of various shapes and sizes. The most...
  4. Misskermie

    A Meeting of Two Dimensions

    YO YO YO MC!!! It's been too long, I miss all of you very very very much, kissy kissy. But you know how life is. You can' really do the things you want to do on the internet because you're too busy with cruel reality of the real world... Ok, well it isn't cruel right now. Birthday tomorrow...
  5. Misskermie

    The "You know what?" thread

    So, I guess we all could put our sudden realizations here. Mine: They say the early bird gets the worm, but... Slow and steady wins the race... :/
  6. Misskermie


    Yup, I'm at it again! I had a fanfic idea-- (To skip to story, ignore following backstory thing. :P) _______________________________________________ Ok, actually, this idea was from the time when I used to write my lil Muppet fables in composition books. My original idea had to do with everyone...
  7. Misskermie

    Those moments when you wanna hug 'em...

    Those special moments when you just wanna hug those muppets. My moment is when Joan Rivers puts rouge on Piggy, and Piggy says, "Oh, Kermit wouldn't care..." I wanted to hug her. What moments did you want to hug them?
  8. Misskermie

    A Love Between Two Background Characters

    Consider this a little somethin' for Valentine's day.   A Love Between Two Backround Characters Chapter One- What happened?         These days, our generation only sees The Main Muppets 95% of the time, which is all well and good. There are even main Muppet Couples. However...
  9. Misskermie

    Four Weddings and A funnel cake accident...

    CONTINUING! With the little series I had goin' on. Ok, goooooo. Four Weddings and a Funnel Cake Accident Chapter One- Somebody's getting married... X4       "7:00 already?" Mumbled Kermit as he got out of bed. He slipped on his robe, and headed downstairs, to find Jaz and...
  10. Misskermie

    Piggy's worst performance?

    I think piggy's singing and acting are awesome, but... which performance is the worst? I don't like her sherlock holmes thing on season one. You?
  11. Misskermie

    How The Moopets Came to Be

    I don't know why, but I have this strange addiction to Moopets right now. Welcome to Moopet- I-I mean Muppet Central Forum. LOL. ANYWAY! ON TO TEH STORY! ___________________________________________________ Chapter 1- How it started...       The time of the year had come again, for...
  12. Misskermie

    Moderation Proposition

    Thank you for creating a forum for muppet fans everywhere to come together and talk. We have been lucky that we have not had many spammers or trolls harassing other members. However, there seems to be, while still rather small, an increase in spammers who have escaped notice and now it is too...
  13. Misskermie

    The Funny Truth Thread

    Ok, so there's this guy on Google +, who comes up with funny truths, and they are hilarious, so I thought we could come up with our own. I was in a creative mood. :P Here's my funny truth: That moment when you have a song stuck in your head, so you listen to it, but when you listen to...
  14. Misskermie

    Who is more popular?

    So, forever, i've been hearing Piggy say her fanbase is bigger than Kermit's... Is it really?
  15. Misskermie

    While watching Muppet Movies...

    Yo MC! So, you know how you watch a Muppet movie, and you react, by saying something? EXAMPLE: THE MUPPET MOVIE Kermit: Miss Piggy, the moon doesn't look like you... *3...2...1...* Steve Martin: MISS PIGGY! Me: DARN YOU STEVE!!! Like that. Things you say responding...
  16. Misskermie

    It's Amanda Taylor's birthday

    The title... Totally self explainitory... An MC member has a birthday. Happy Birthday Amanda Taylor! Wish her happy birthday you people.
  17. Misskermie

    Jaz: The poetic soul

    I do art. I do parodies. I do fanfics. Why not expand my horizon with some poetry? Here is one, I call, "It is love." Seen through the eyes of Miss Piggy.:mad: It is Love I know that It's Crazy,:crazy: But it has to be true, I just can't help feeling, That I love you...
  18. Misskermie

    The Kermit and Miss Piggy debate

    So, I'm starting this, because every thread turns into a Kermit and Piggy debate. We can't help it. Soooooooooo, How do you feel about Kermit and Miss Piggy having kids? That's a start.
  19. Misskermie

    The Accident, The Guilt, The Confession and The Revival...

    So... I drew... stuff... And got this idea... For a story... Yeah... I rate this story as PG-13 due to slight violence. All I'm sayin'. OK! HERE WE GO!!! Miss Piggy got up in the morning feeling awful. And if anyone knew Miss Piggy, they'd know that if she woke up on the wrong side of the...
  20. Misskermie

    Things you've always wanted to ask them.

    So, if you met the Muppets, what would you ask them? I'd ask Miss Piggy more about her past... Because... Well... I want to feel even more bad for her, and I want to know the official story... What about vous?