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Search results

  1. Xerus

    Favorite Jingles

    Do you have a favorite commercial jingle you used to sing all the time, because it sounded so neat? I have 2 jingles I loved from my childhood. Milk is a Natural, and Coolie.
  2. Xerus

    Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: Hot Cross Buns

    Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: Hot Cross Buns by Cullen Pittman We see a food truck in the middle of Sesame Street. And inside were Cookie Monster and Gonger the Monster Chef singing their traditional foodie truck theme song. "Do you like food? Adoobee doo doo dooba! Me like food! Adeebee...
  3. Xerus

    Happy End a Sentence With a Preposition Day!

    Today is End a Sentence With a Preposition Day. The one day where you can actually end with prepositions without being criticized. Wouldn't you like to? It's what I'm totally fond of. Bring it on. Turn that off. Let the sunshine in. I wonder what's under? I'll turn it around. We can pull...
  4. Xerus

    Dave Goelz in Ask the Storybots

    I was watching an episode of Netflix's Ask the Storybots. Episode entitled: How Do Flowers Grow? And I saw a Claymation caterpillar voiced by Dave Goelz. He sounded kind of like Boober Fraggle.
  5. Xerus

    The Classic Electric Company Memories Thread

    Does anyone remember a classic Electric Company musical skit called The Queen's Quartet? It's starts off with the Queen of England, played by Judy Graubart. She sat in her throne and wanted to spend some alone time with her captain of the guards, played by Skip Hinnant, who was in the throne...
  6. Xerus

    The Chuck E. Cheese Memories thread

    Does anyone have memories going to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater? I remember first seeing the commercial back when I was 11. The shows, the pizza, the sundaes, and the video games. And I asked my parents if we could check it out. And I loved it. Especially the singing electronic puppets...
  7. Xerus

    Phonic Foolery

    I'm starting a new feature on my website. A series of cartoon shorts called Phonic Foolery, where living letters teach us phonics by goofing around and acting crazy. This story is called, Loud Mouthed Vowels. You can find this new series in the Random Webcomics section. Hope you enjoy...
  8. Xerus

    TV shows and movies turned into comic books

    What are your favorite TV shows and movies that became comic books? My first favorite comic book series as a kid was Laff-A-Lympics. While the TV series, had the Hanna-Barbera characters just competing in crazy sports, the comics actually had some of the characters leave the stadium and go off...
  9. Xerus

    Saturday mornings of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

    I like to think of my 3 webcomic series as times from the 70s, 80s, and 90s of Saturday Mornings. Rebusquest is like a 70s cartoon with its psychedelic lands and kids dressed in turtlenecks and go-go boots. X.O. Seal is like an 80s cartoon with the action-superhero robot craze and girls with...
  10. Xerus

    Kids only want ninja shows?

    When I was showing off my webcomics at a local comic con, a kid kept asking if I can put ninjas in my cartoons. I've noticed that these days, kids only want to see cartoons and shows with ninjas in them. If you try to read a fairy tale or American history to them, they ask if you could put...
  11. Xerus

    Your dream writing and directing crew.

    Suppose you had a chance to get your show made. Who would be on your dream writing and directing crew? If any of my webcomics like Rebusquest, X.O. Seal, or Skelroy and Bonus ever got animated, I would write the stories myself, along with Richard Mueller, Phil Lollar, and Bill Kopp writing some...
  12. Xerus

    Animals, Animals, Animals

    This was an early educational show that aired on Sunday mornings called, Animals-Animals-Animals. Hosted by Hal Linden. Each week, they'd teach us about a different animal species through poems, songs, and cartoons made by Yellow Submarine's Al Brodax. Here's one episode that also features...
  13. Xerus

    Super 4

    I'm into this new cartoon series from France I found on Netfix the other day. The Super 4. Inspired from those Playmobil toys. About 4 teenage heroes from different lands, Prince Alex the Knight, Ruby the Pirate, Gene the Secret Agent, and Twinkle the Fairy, and their small pet Alien. They join...
  14. Xerus

    R.I.P, John Stephenson

    I just heard that long time Hanna-Barbera voice actor, John Stephenson, passed away a couple of days ago at age 91. John was famous for voicing Mr. Slate from the Flintstones, as well as some of the fake monsters from Scooby Doo, Doc, Philo, and Gunge from the Animated Fraggle Rock, and some of...
  15. Xerus

    Your dream TV show music settings.

    Suppose you had a chance for a cartoon to get animated or make a TV show, what kind of theme song or background music would you like it to have? If my webcomics ever got animated. For Rebusquest, I'd like for it to have groovy psychedelic music from the 70's. Like you're watching a cartoon...
  16. Xerus

    Freebie the Fish

    This was a classic 80's commercial I loved where a cartoon fish named Freebie leads a family to Long John Silver's. It almost looks like John Korty's style of animation. And do you think Freebie sounds a lot like Jerry Nelson?
  17. Xerus

    The Brainteasers thread

    A quiz. Can you figure out what's so special about this list of words? Zebra Cab Picnic Sad Xylophone Leaf Bag Witch Deli Raj Yak Eel Gum Fan Veto Up Iraq Near Octopus Kit Menu TV Jaw Ax Hooray Quiz
  18. Xerus

    David delivers in the rain.

    Does anyone remember this classic Sesame Street skit I think was from the late 70's? David received a call from Maria who said she wanted a sandwich delivered to her apartment. But there was heavy rain out and David didn't have his umbrella with him and didn't want to go out there. He saw a...
  19. Xerus

    Anyone Can Make Cartoons

    "ANYONE CAN MAKE CARTOONS" by Cullen Pittman My motto is, "Anyone can make cartoons." I believe if you have a good idea for a cartoon or comic, you should draw it up. Even if you're not an animator or can't afford expensive animation techniques, you can still draw it down on paper. And it...
  20. Xerus

    Rebusquest audio fundraiser

    I've just started a fundraiser to turn my Rebusquest webcomic into an audio graphic novel series. If you please donate either a little or a lot, I can hire a voice recording service to get my dream come true. Thank you for your time. http://www.gofundme.com/Rebusquest