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    Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando

    SeaWorld has announced a Sesame-Street themed land coming to its Orlando park, as seen at this address: https://insidethemagic.net/2018/05/seaworld-orlando-announces-new-sesame-street-themed-land/ I wonder how close the concept art is to what the final layout will be...
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    Where was the Birdland?

    I was just curious, as that period of the show's history was between the time I outgrew the show and when I rediscovered it as an adult. I've been able to figure out from written descriptions and pictures where the other locations were, but that one I'm not 100% sure.
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    Redneck Test

    Okay, here’s something humorous I came up with. (I think the Americans on this board will be more likely to understand it, though). I call it the Redneck Test. 1. The (US) Civil war was fought over: a. Slavery. b. States’ rights. c. Was fought? You mean it’s over? 2...
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    Now for some real movie critics...

    I just wanted you to know that Statler and Waldorf now have a regular spot on http://www.Movies.com. I don't have working speakers on my computer at the moment; otherwise I'd listen to what they have to say. This week: reviews of Bewitched and War of the Worlds.
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    Rose Float: Sesame

    I was watching the news, and something came on about the Tournament of Roses parade (I think that's the right one). It briefly showed some of the floats, and one was a Sesame Street-themed float, with floral statues of Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar.
  6. S

    Arkansas newspaper contest

    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, in today's issue, has a question for its readers: What show could improve the most if all the actors were Muppets? Just so you know that I'm telling you this because I genuinely think someone might be interested and not just here scoping for ideas to enter the...
  7. S

    Dick Van Dyke reunion

    Did anyone see "The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited" Tuesday night? I personally thought it was pretty good. Not as classic as the walnut episode, of course, but OK (and a lot better than a bunch of newsmagazines and reality shows).
  8. S

    Did you notice an Elmo's World change?

    I was watching my local PBS station this morning, and Sesame Street had rearranged the contents of at least one of its episodes. The episode number was (I think) 4048 (the street segment was the one with Telly and Baby Bear trying to convince Rosita that a frog she found was actually a prince)...
  9. S

    Well, they showed up...

    Well, Kermit, Guy Smiley, and even a construction worker all showed up in today's episode (albeit in an older clip), so all you "back in my day" people out there can quit complaining about how you never see these characters and start complaining about how you seldom see these characters.;) :p
  10. S

    Disney sells sports teams

    from http://us.imdb.com/StudioBrief "Disney has reportedlystruck a deal to sell the Anaheim Angels and is involved in negotiations to sell the Mighty Ducks." Don't know whether this will affect the Henson negotiations, but it might be a sign one way or the other.
  11. S

    brown Grover

    People keep mentioning that Grover was once a brownish color. Does anyone have any pictures? If not, could anyone describe the color? Were there any other distinguishing features different from the blue version we all know and love. I've seen the orange Oscar, the haggard-looking Big Bird, and...
  12. S

    Suzie Kabloozie

    Could anyone tell me what Suzie Kabloozie looks like or give the web address of a picture? I keep hearing about this character, but I only started back watching the show recently, after she seems to have disappeared.
  13. S

    Ernie and Bert Question

    Does anyone know whether Ernie and Bert are ever given last names?