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Search results

  1. J

    Whom to send "Muppet Wish List" to?

    Maybe you guys can help me. I'd love to know an e-mail of whoever at Disney handles the Muppets, or CD/DVD releases in general. The official Disney website makes me feel like a mouse in a maze, trying to find such info. I'd like to e-mail them my Muppet Wish List, which would include...
  2. J

    Another TMS idea...

    ...this time with a REAL person. :) Most of you probably know Christopher Lee from LOTR and Star Wars, and some of you may know his Hammer horror films as Dracula. However, from what I have heard, he is an EXCELLENT singer! (And very much the opera aficionado.) I'm on one of my Sondheim kicks...
  3. J

    Batman Visits TMS...A Scene

    Hi guys... I'm trying to hammer out an idea of the Justice League of America being on TMS, but haven't gotten it all written down yet. If anyone can think of any good songs for each individual member to do (Green Lantern and Kermit are going to duet on "Bein' Green") and one good ensemble...
  4. J

    Is the A & E Biography on video?

    Maybe you guys know...the A & E Biography of Sesame Street, is it on professional video? I know many, if not all, A & E Biographies are. I'm kicking myself for not taping it when it was on.
  5. J

    Please, couldn't the forum have a fanfic section?

    I think it would be a very nice idea indeed if this forum had a fanfic section, for people to write their own stories of Muppetdom, including episodes of TMS or SS. I remember on the old Delphi boards, someone had a neat little script that entailed the revival cast of Grease guest-starring on...
  6. J

    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    When I browse Dejanews, I find this a favorite topic on the alt.tv.sesame-street group: What sketches/cartoons/skits scared you as a kid? The only ones I can clearly remember frightening me were as follows. There was a counting cartoon with bugs. It started off on a blank yellow screen with a...
  7. J

    What songs would you have liked to see TMS do?

    Okay, guys, time to exercise your imaginations a bit. If you could have your pick of any song(s) you would have liked to see on classic TMS, what would you have picked and how would you have them present it? One pick I'd have is the song "Right Field", written by Willy Welch and sung by Peter...
  8. J

    The secret of their success...

    Hello friends... This is my very first post on the Muppet forums and I *love* the new format...easier than Delphi. I've been thinking a good deal over what it was that made the Muppets, both in their SS and TMS incarnations, so lovable and successful. Of course, the talented artists and...