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Search results

  1. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 14 - Little Green Lie

    The show was fun!! Really enjoyed it! :) Loved Friendly Feud! Uncle Deadly is awesome!! Iced cream. :zany: Finally someone said my fave line "No! That is not a good answer!" Hate watching Feud when a really dumb answer is said and everyone says "good answer". Electric Mayhem gets a pass cos it...
  2. Grovette

    RED ALERT! "The Muppets" fans need to contact ABC **NOW**!!

    I'm trying to help as much as I can too! I really want a second season!! Won't have a reason to watch ABC anymore if they cancel. :sympathy:
  3. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 12 - A Tail of Two Piggies

    Has anyone seen a preview for the new episode? I've seen a promo every week until now. :confused: Looked everywhere... YouTube, Muppet sites, FB... Did ABC stop promoting the show or something? :sympathy: I know RuPaul is a guest, which is so exciting cos I love RuPaul. :flirt:
  4. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 12 - A Tail of Two Piggies

    I saw an article saying that Netflix wanted to pick up The Muppets before ABC took it. Wouldn't that have been better for the show? The show is amazing and fun, although it seems that they're not using their full potential. The show should be edgy! They need an hour show or at least a full 30...
  5. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 11 - Swine Song

    That's been a problem. They've had some great guests, but they have come off as being really awkward in the show. The episode with Leno and Lawrence Fishburne was depressing, they were rather hostile and not funny. Jason Bateman was kind of a jerk too. :sigh: I've heard about Chelsea Handler...
  6. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 11 - Swine Song

    Yay!! I've been waiting for The Muppets return! Was worried that it was going to be toned down too much, but it wasn't bad. Kinda glad they pushed the time back, but would be better at 9pm. Really wanted to watch The Muppets, but had to switch over from The Flash. It would be awesome to watch...
  7. Grovette

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hey all, Thought I'd reintroduce myself, as I'm still listed as a new member. :super: I've been around the forum for a long time. Since around 2002? I posted for a few years, then forgot my info and signed up again. So I've been Grovette since 2007. I'm 40ish gal and loved the Muppets for as...
  8. Grovette

    Top 9 TV Puppet Shows that Weren't Muppets

    Another favorite of mine didn't make the list. Gigglesnort Hotel. When I wasn't watching Muppets, loved the puppets of Gigglesnort!! Weird, The LJK, Dirty Dragon, Blob, and BJ. Always lots of fun!! :flirt:
  9. Grovette

    "The Muppets" show runner exits, series to be relaunched February 2 with episodes 11-16

    I'm looking forward to February!! :D Can't wait for promos for the next episode. Thought it was good news that the show got a full season. When do we find out if it will get renewed for a second season?
  10. Grovette

    Pixar: Are the glory days over?

    I'm not the biggest fan of Pixar, but there are a few good movies. The Toy Story movies got better, I like the 3rd better than the 1st one. And of all the movies, my fave was from this year. Inside Out. Wow! They sure went out on a limb with that one. Quite deep and dark in comparison to...
  11. Grovette

    Blu-ray Wish List

    Hopefully soon, these Muppet items get a proper blu-ray release (DVD too). Muppet Family Christmas. The original, unedited. Hey Cinderella The Frog Prince The Muppet Show. Seasons 1-5. Still waiting for Season 4 and 5...:crazy:
  12. Grovette

    Muppet Moments That Scared You As a Kid

    Sweetums. :grr: Strange because I didn't find him scary back when I watched him on the shows or movies. Just ended up having frequent nightmares about him when I was a kid.
  13. Grovette

    Disney's handling of The Muppets...

    I just watched the Frank Oz interview, that was really good! Yes, I do agree with him about the Muppets being "too cute". Disney took them and toned them down (and dumbed them down) too much. Don't care much for the last couple Muppet movies. They've been reduced to bathroom humor like much of...
  14. Grovette

    Ranking the first 10 "the muppets." Episodes

    I've watched the episodes over a few times. Kinda hard to rank, as it may depend on what episode I'm in the mood for. The Handler episode is still currently my fave, (although not a big fan off CH). 1. Too Hot to Handler 2. Pigs in a Blackout 3. Single All the Way 4. Pig Girls Don't Cry 5...
  15. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 10 - Single All the Way

    Pigs in a Blackout and Too Hot to Handler make the top of my list. :) Loved the scene with Kermit and Rowlf in Blackout, "This one's got an odor eater in it so you get that smokey taste, then the gum on the heel gives it that perfect mint finish." Also the scene with Kermit and Fozzie in...
  16. Grovette

    The Muppets Episode 10 - Single All the Way

    Fun episode! The show is really starting to grow on me. ;) Didn't really care much for the show at first, but as I watch it more - I love it!! I've started to go back a rewatch the episodes... I know many complain about the adult themes, just hope that when the show returns it will still have...
  17. Grovette

    If you had a machine.

    My dream machine would also be a 'Time Machine'. :) But I'd just use it to go back in the past and beg Henson to build a puppet for me. *giggles*
  18. Grovette

    Sweeney Todd Trailer!

    Hmm...Isn't it odd? That I've never heard of this Sweeney Todd before? Tho', after reading the synopsis of it...doesn't sounds like I missed much. Must've been under a rock - engrossed in more tasteful and less gory fare. ;)
  19. Grovette

    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    No particular sketches... but Sweetums scared the bejeepers outta me! :eek: Anytime I saw him on TV, I'd have nightmares for a week. :p
  20. Grovette

    Your Favourite Muppet Christmas Song?

    My all-time favorite Muppet Christmas tunes are: The Twelve Days of Christmas with John Denver Bless Us All :) There ain't none better!