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Search results

  1. The Count

    Sesame Street 2020 National Census

    Hey guys. Just caught a commercial for the 2020 US National Census with characters lfrom Sesame, including :laugh: and :batty: as the narrator. Not sure if Abby or Zoe were involved, the moment of speech was too brief to be able to distinguish one from the other clearly. Also, I think Nina...
  2. The Count

    Question about Forum Members Following Me

    So I have a question regarding the option regarding other forum members "following me". How do I get rid of certain forum member(s) that for one reason or another I simply don't want to be "following me"? I'm not talking about marking them as "Ignore" since that's not really an option for a...
  3. The Count

    Happy Birthday RedPiggy!

    Sending warm birthday wishes to one of my many forum friends, Kelly, better known as RedPiggy. Hope you celebrate it however you want that makes you happy. :excited: :insatiable: :hungry:
  4. The Count

    Invite Button for Conversations Not Working

    Dunno if anyone else has experienced this, but the "Invite More" feature for private conversations isn't working well for me. I click on the "Invite More" button, then get an edit field combo box with a tree list view expanded to enter the name(s) of the people I want to invite to the...
  5. The Count

    Happy Birthday Fragglemuppet!

    Huge b-day wishes to another fellow long-time forum member, Fragglemuppet. Hope you have fun however you celebrate your special day. *Sends a set of dicta-quills including a raven's, vulture's, and Skekses's feather. No acid green QQ quills though, unless you like little spicy snacks...
  6. The Count

    Happy Birthday Ruahnna!

    Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday!" to one of my many forum friends, Aunt Ru. Hope you have a good time celebrating whatever you end up doing today. *Wheels in the strawberry & cream birthday cake onto the table. :excited: :mad: :insatiable:
  7. The Count

    Happy Birthday newsmanfan!

    :news: Sorry to interrupt your previous programming, and other apologies for reporting this late in the evening edition... Reports are coming in that a Muppet forum member is currently celebrating their birthday, in a festive manner that we hope isn't mangling nor making a mockery of such a...
  8. The Count

    Happy Birthday BeckyDr!

    Just sending some birthday wishes to a forum friend from back when I first joined, when I was posting daily Sesame episode breakdowns in the 200's. Becky's a great person, hope she has a happy birthday today with her friends/family. :excited: :eek: :insatiable:
  9. The Count

    Happy Birthday BeakerSqueedom!

    Sending some birthday wishes to a fellow MC member who used to make me smile with her zaniness, the one and only Squeekie. Haven't seen you here on the forums in a number of years, hope you celebrate today in best of spirits. :eek: :excited: :insatiable:
  10. The Count

    Happy Birthday ReneeLouvier!

    Happy birthday wishes to one of the members of what we call here at MC as the "old crowd", and one of my long-time forum friends. Have a great day Sara, hope you celebrate with fun however you wish with your loved ones. :excited: :jim: :dreamy: :insatiable: ;)
  11. The Count

    R.I.P. Bud Luckey

    According to toughpigs, one of Sesame Street's pioneers has passed away today. Bud Luckey was and will always be known as the #1 fiddler, Donnie Bud, on this numbers show. Yes, the animator, composer, and singer of such classics as Ladybug's Picnic, The Alligator King, and other such songs has...
  12. The Count

    Happy Birthday AndyWan Kenobi!

    Just stopped to send birthday wishes to a long-time forum member and all-around cool guy, AndyWan Kenobi. My best memory regarding Andy would have to be from the times we splashed around in the old Senior Members Hottub thread. Hope you have a good day and celebrate to the fullest. :excited...
  13. The Count

    Sesame Street Legos, Potentially Coming Soon

    Hi, just wanted to drum up support for something really cool I found over at toughpigs. There's a new campaign for a new Lego franchise, this time Sesame Street! The campaign was started by the extremely talented Ivan Guerrero who created a Lego version of the 123 Sesame Street brownstone...
  14. The Count

    Happy Birthday Erine81981!

    Just wanted to send some well-deserved birthday wishes to an old forum friend, Kyle better known as Erine81981. Hope you're having a good day and get to share it with your family. :insatiable: :excited: :)
  15. The Count

    Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas 40th Anniversary DVD Release

    Hey yoouuuuuuu guuuuuys!!! *Insert Electric Company theme song. :news: This is a braking Muppet News Flash! According to the ToughPigs' website, a new DVD release of the perennial Christmas favorite, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas written by Russell Hoben and produced by the Jim Henson...
  16. The Count

    Conversation Reports

    So everybody's aware, messages from a private conversation can be reported to the staff... We however are unable to actually do anything in terms of removing said reported messages, as private conversations are just that, conversations carried on in private between various forum members. If...
  17. The Count

    R.I.P. Don Rickles

    So I just saw the headline over at toughpigs.com, famed insult comedian Don Rickles passed away today at the age of 90. Not only did he appear in an episode of Muppets Tonight as the featured guest star, but he was last seen alongside Regis Philbin in an imitation of :sleep: and :boo: at the...
  18. The Count

    Muppets "25 Days of Christmas" Promos on Freeform

    Not sure if this deserves a thread of its own, and it's not as big news as Freeform airing any Christmas specials during their 25 Days of Christmas month-long promotion... But I tuned in to watch the first of the Toy Story trilogy airing now this afternoon, and I caught a Muppet interstitial...
  19. The Count

    Thread Deletions

    Hello, unfortunately I had to delete a couple of long-running threads and I thought it best to address it here before the questions of "where did (such and such) thread go?" Due to post deletion requests, related posts, posts made by banned members, and the nature of having to search through...
  20. The Count

    Possible Muppet Babies Reboot?

    Hi, just found an article over at toughpigs.com that discusses how Disney Junior is working on a potential new Muppet Babies series. Don't know how to embed the article link here, and there's no real concrete information regarding the series, just that it's in the potential planning stages...