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  1. sesamefan4ever

    Design Quality of Sesame Puppets

    Is it me, or do some of the new puppet designs for Sesame Street (and the international co-productions) look like they were put together last minute or something? If you look at certain character designs from the 90s, 2000s, and even early 2010s it's a huge difference than some of the designs today.
  2. sesamefan4ever

    Classic Takalani Sesame Clips

    Does anyone have any clips or episodes from seasons 1-5 of Takalani Sesame (the South African version of Sesame Street)? The show originally ran from 2000-2009, took a hiatus, returned in 2012, and (according to the Sesame Workshop website) season 11 is in the works. Takalani Sesame turns 20...
  3. sesamefan4ever

    My New Fanfic (Title in Progress)

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of creating a fanfic series based on Sesame Street's international co-productions. The premise is basically an international boarding school based in NYC, and all of the students are muppets from the various co-productions. Below is a list of characters and their...