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  1. HamHock

    Uncharted 3 DLC Skins Help!

    Today I went onto the Playstation Store and bought some skins for Uncharted 3 (Nepal Chloe, Nepal Elena, Jeff and the guy out of Killzone to be exact), downloaded and installed them. Then, I went onto the online multiplayer mode but when I went to pick one as my character, they still weren't...
  2. HamHock

    Question about 1976 Kermit and Fozzie Figures

    Can anyone help me with this? Earlier today, my Dad was cleaning out the attic and found a box that contained 2 small Kermit and Fozzie collectibles. They are made of what I think is a hard plastic, covered in scratchy felt. On the bottom, they have a sticker that says: H.C.A HA! 1976-1977...
  3. HamHock

    The Crossing: A Labyrinth FanFiction

    Part 1: Blink June 30th, 1987 Sarah Williams opened the door and stumbled into the classroom. Mrs Rhodes looked at her sternly. "Ah, Ms Williams" she said crossly, folding her long arms, tapping her elbow with her bony fingers. " Youve decided to...
  4. HamHock

    Is there a CD version of TGMC's Soundtrack?

    Does anyone know if there is a CD version of The Great Muppet Caper Soundtrack ? All I can find is the LP/Record.
  5. HamHock


    Hey Everybody, I started writing a FanFic recently and I wanted to share it with you guys The plot is, the muppets are celebrating their five hundreth show and when leaving Kermit is face to face with an evil Las Vegas Hotel Owner who demands the muppets to perform there and do his every...
  6. HamHock

    HamHock's Tomb Raider spectacular thread of epic epicness extravagansa banansa !

    I decided to start a thread ( with a long and peculiar name ) about my fave video game: TOMB RAIDER ! Some of you must know the video game about a globe-trotting, pistol firing, butt busting, large busted adventurer named Lara Croft. My favourite one is Angel of Darkness ( I dont care...
  7. HamHock

    Pokémon The Movie 14 ..... Wait, WHAT ?

    :flirt::flirt:My brother recently informed me that Pokémon are making another movie. And it got me wondering...... should they ? Don't get me wrong, I love,love, love Pokémon but IMO, the show should have ended when it was losing its touch....... about 11 years ago. I mean the games...
  8. HamHock

    The "My best friend moved away" thread

    Hi everybody. Ive been really down lately because a while ago, it was a year since my best friend moved away. His name is Rokas ( I know its funny but its his name ) and hes from Lithuania. Me and my other bf Leon really miss him. He made us all laugh. Except another kid who Rokas always...
  9. HamHock

    Sesame Street General Store

    I was on Muppet Wiki today and I came across this: Ive never heard of it. I searched around the place but I cant really find anything. Does anyone know what kind of things they sold here, what it looked like or about the animatronic...
  10. HamHock

    Sesame Street Prototypes Thread

    Hi all. I been on this forum for a while now and I decided to start my own thread. I really wish we got the sesame street figs, they were so gorgeous! Well they were from what I can see : ELMO: COOKIE MONSTER...