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  1. Newton Gimmick

    First Look at Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles

    Alex Deligiannis, the character designer for the series responded in a a tweet about the weapons: "Regarding the weapons, that’s just one of many images that was used for the composite. Don’t get your panties bunched, it's ok. Promise." "Incidentally, what kind of sense would it make to...
  2. Newton Gimmick

    First Look at Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles

    Well, WSJ sort of leaked this one out. It's been confirmed as official. I've got the picture and opinions over at the usual: Nickelodeon's new TMNT first image It's not perfect, and there's one potentially controversial change (but it's unconfirmed at the moment) and generally some positive...
  3. Newton Gimmick

    Masterpiece Mystery - Modern Sherlock Holmes on PBS

    Anbody else catch this? Originated on the BBC. Sherlock was great. Fast paced and clearly influenced by the recent film, but much more fun and less jazzy for the sake of being jazzy. This is vastly superior stuff, especially for those who felt that Holmes deviated too far into the absurd...
  4. Newton Gimmick

    Any Ernst Fans?

    Ernest was great. Still wish they would release the Ernest Pirates movie.
  5. Newton Gimmick

    Muppet Babies DVD Box Sets

    Loved the Muppet Babies.
  6. Newton Gimmick

    Muppet Whatnot Workshop Puppets now available

    Today I'm taking a look at the Muppet Whatnots from FAO. If you haven't ever seen these, or want to know more... Check it out. It's definitely something that Henson and Muppet fans will enjoy.
  7. Newton Gimmick

    Arm Rods?

    Thanks. Any chance anyone knows where some are that are similar to the ones that come with the Whatnots?
  8. Newton Gimmick

    Arm Rods?

    Can someone point me in the direction of some place to buy decent quality arm rods for cheap?
  9. Newton Gimmick

    Bobo Merchandise?

    Is there anything out there featuring Bobo? Like a plush or something? He's such an awesome character. :search:
  10. Newton Gimmick

    Upside down? Backwards?

    Thanks! That fixed it. I figured there was something wrong. I dunno how it got that way, but it's MUCH better now. Gracias. :coy:
  11. Newton Gimmick

    Upside down? Backwards?

    Maybe I have something set in the settings wrong, so I apologize if this is just a user error, but I see the website backwards and upside down... I don't mean the screen, but the posts. As an example, the first post in a thread is on the BOTTOM of the page instead of the top, the last post...
  12. Newton Gimmick

    Who has a Blog?

    Even though it's in my sig, if you're into pretty diverse stuff or pop culture and toys in general, my blog is:
  13. Newton Gimmick

    Should we credit Kermit as a guest star

    Sure if you think so.
  14. Newton Gimmick

    Question about Muppet Whatnots

    Hey, can someone tell me the measurements of a Muppet Whatnot from FAO? Like, how big they are? Thanks so much.:eek:
  15. Newton Gimmick

    Christmas Smurfs Figures

    Just in time for Christmas I review the new holiday gift pack of Smurfs. This comes with a sleigh and Santa "Papa" Smurf. Check it out! Infinite Hollywood: Holiday Smurfs Review Thanks for reading.
  16. Newton Gimmick

    Macy's latest Santa promo

    I'm guessing they're saying the Macy's Santa is the most famous, since you know it's been featured in a couple of classic Christmas movies.
  17. Newton Gimmick

    Commander X Figure Comic

    I know some of you are into action figures and making comics with them. I just recently got into Mego and I'd love to see some Mego style Muppets myself. Anyway, I got my Commander X figure in the mail yesterday and it was cold, so I decided to make a little figure comic with him. Click on the...
  18. Newton Gimmick

    Space 1999 David Kano Figure Review

    Dunno if there are any other 70's toys or sci-fi fans here but thought it might be worth a look for those who are. :cool: It's time we look into the future. The future Conan? Yes, the future... All the way into the year 1999! Actually we're looking back into the past, all the way to the year...
  19. Newton Gimmick

    Muppet Replicas Photos Is there no way to post an actual photo? I tried to help this thread out lol.