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  1. caper

    Rumor: The Muppet Movie will be remade in animation

    Ive seen in Wikipedia that the original 1970s Muppet Movie will be remade into animation. Is this true??? When will this be release?? And any more updates for this??
  2. caper

    Who wants the future Muppet movies to be...

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if the muppet fans wants their Muppets to be CGI like the teddy bear on the new Seth McFarlane's movie TED??? For me, I think that should be the future of the Muppets. It still looks like a stuffed animal and it doesn't look like CGI at all. Muppets to me...
  3. caper

    Lips and Gaffer

    Hi, I just have a question: I've watched the whole Season 5 of the Muppet Show and Lips and Gaffer were never named on any episode. How did anyone (besides Jim Henson and Co. of course) know their names at all?? I only knew because when I was a kid, I had this coloring book Meet The...
  4. caper

    Muppet figure collection pics

    There use to be a thread of posting our Muppet figure pics. Well finally I joined photobucket. Here's my Muppet collection:
  5. caper

    Are there 2 Kermits??

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if there are 2 Kermits in Series 1 because the Kermit I have and in the stores around me he is a very dark green. But in some of the figure pics, he is light green. I dunno why they made him so dark in the figure while he is obviously a lighter green. So if...
  6. caper

    Figures from tallest to smallest

    Can someone please list the Muppet action figures in order from tallest to shortest??? Thanks.
  7. caper

    What Rowlf will be in series 8?

    I was looking at the Palisade Figure schedule and saw that Rowlf will be the play set figure at that series. He will come with the Muppet Show backstage. Now will this be the regular nekkid Rowlf or something else?