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  1. jediX

    Yet another video greeting from Colorado

    The product of 1 a.m. weirdness, here's our little contribution to the ongoing series of video greetings. From your pals, Matt and Katie [Krazedmuppet]
  2. jediX

    Going in for surgery

    Hey, everyone. As a few of you already know, I will be going in for surgery on this coming Thursday, December first. Starting on this coming Tuesday (the 29th), I will not be online at all for a minimum two weeks because my gf is staying with me to assist with the recovery and I will be unable...
  3. jediX

    The Muppet Guitar Project

    I've been playing guitar for a long time now and have been surprised at how little uniquely-Muppet music has been transcribed up for guitar as either tab or chord format. So, I've decided -- as a public service to fellow guitar-playing fans -- to start this thread to post up some Muppet tunes...
  4. jediX

    'The Jim Henson Hour' Guide Returns

    I figured I'd pop in to update anyone who is interested on the progress of the JHH guide that I started several years back on tvtome... Though I have not added any more guides (still only at four complete, two of which I intend to expand), the site format is more or less complete right now...
  5. jediX

    Having a serious virus issue -- in dire need of help!

    So I turned my desktop pc on yesterday morning and it worked just fine, until about 5pm, in which the computer began logging me off without me noticing it. Also, I can get connected online, but cannot send/receive data (I'm on my laptop right now, which is bug-free). I reinstalled Windows (xp...
  6. jediX

    MC Book Of The Month Discussion

    Alright, after scanning through the great books thread I came up with the idea for a MC Book Club type thing. As in, each month a different book is selected by the group and we all read and discuss it up to a certain page per week (ie chapters 1-5 or something for a week). Of course, many of...
  7. jediX

    Katie's Engaged!

    And now for a MC News Flash... Katie aka krazedmuppet is now :: officially :: engaged to her long-term boyfriend Dan (the guy who you may have seen kissing her in her avatar). :gets crushed by a barrage of falling wedding cakes:
  8. jediX

    Stuck Figure Joints: Any Advice?

    I've had this issue several times with Muppet figures but I managed to get them fixed easily and didn't have to worry about the figure breaking because of Palisades' incredibly high figure durability. However, I also collect several other lines (LOTR, Star Wars, Marvel Legends) and am having...
  9. jediX

    Happy 21 to boober_gorg!

    Before the day ends, I'd like to send a big happy bday to Guille, aka Boober Gorg. As I said to Kev, don't do anything that I wouldn't do. ;) :excited:
  10. jediX

    Super Bowl Commercial Promo on Access Hollywood

    I just saw the end of ET and during the credits they showed a teaser with Kermit, Piggy, and Animal w/ Jessica. So, it looks like they will be covering the ad on tomorrw night's program. I'll tape it and see what comes up.
  11. jediX

    Happy 21st to Kevin (aka fishnwolfe)

    I'd like to wish my great friend Kevin (fishnwolfe) an even greater 21st birthday. Don't do anything I wouldn't do! :attitude: ;) :halo:
  12. jediX

    Major discounts on holiday Muppet stuff

    Yesterday I went to the mall and lo and behold, Suncoast had 75% off on the holiday Kermit and the MCC PVC sets. So, if you were holding out on these guys before, now might be the time to pick up a set. :)
  13. jediX


    Who all remembers Boglins, the rubbery puppets from the 80's?
  14. jediX

    What a horrible terrible day

    What a horrible terrible day. Ugh. I thought last year was bad, and that didn't start until June. It's only January 8th and on my way to class this morning I got in a car accident, and even though it was because of the driver in front of me I get stuck w/ the blasted 4-point ticket and have...
  15. jediX

    Muppet Baby plush/DVD sets premiere at Target

    Due to request, here's my scans and pics of the Baby Gonzo plush's packaging, dvd case, and dvd label. The page may take a minute to load on a slower connection. These are the ones that are available now at Target: Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo and...
  16. jediX

    Swinetrek accessories

    Does anybody know what the little canister dealies that came with this are supposed to be for? UPDATE I'm starting to think they are supposed to connect the consoles and such...
  17. jediX

    TV shows that drive you crazy!

    What shows out there REALLY irritate you SOOOO much that you wish that they would NEVER be shown again? For me it's this show called "ambush makeover". Basically, they take girls that are ALREADY attractive, chop off all their hair, and make em look 15 years older -- and the makeover-ee...
  18. jediX

    Messenger screen names

    Because messenger names have been removed for whatever reason from user profiles, I decided to create a thread for people (like myself) that use messengers to talk with people (hey, it's faster and more personal than on here) to post their usernames so they can get in touch with other members...
  19. jediX

    What if there had been a Muppet Show season 6?

    I was wondering the other day whilst strung out on the couch recovering from surgery, what if there had been a TMS season 6? What guests would you have liked to have seen, had this actually happened? Remember, they would have had to have been famous/sorta-famous in 1981/82-ish.
  20. jediX

    Where's series 6?

    I would have purchased the series & playset off Amazon or some other site, but frankly with the varying quality of paintjobs in the Muppet lines I prefer to and have learned to pick them out myself in person. So, last week I went to Media Play and Suncoast 3 times each, with no results. This...