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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets on NBC's Christmas in Rockefeller Center

    Electric Mayhem On Now! Nbc Has The Muppets On Right Now!
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    Will a Fraggle movie lead to Fraggle merchandise?

    Fraggle Plush! I was at my local Target store and came across Red. The box was pretty beat up, but they have her and a few others on their website. Toys R Us also has some as well. Here's a link to Toys R Us...
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    The first Muppet products Disney should release

    Since Disney is so "kid" friendly, I think that we're probably going to see alot of Muppet Babies products hit the market first. The adult Muppets have been in the market for awhile. i.e. Columbia/Tristar Muppet Movies, Time Life The Muppet Show, Pallisades figures. Only now do we have a small...
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    Muppet Show DVD's on clearance until June 30

    Not everyone was so lucky :( I placed my order June 9, was told on June 28 it was in the warehouse ready to ship, I call today to get a tracking # and am told that there are no longer any sets available and will be issued a refund. Words cannot express my utter disdain for timelife at this...
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    Muppet Show DVD's on clearance until June 30

    Amazon has a special 4 pack of the DVDs, nothing special, as well as 7 individual DVDs. However, the 4 pack DVDs are also 4 of the 7 individual disks. As for any "specials" if you purchase in bulk I do not know. I do know they offer a very slight discount if you purchase 2 disks. You know when...
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    Muppet Show DVD's on clearance until June 30

    One Last Chance... For anyone who may still need some Best of the Muppet Show DVDs..... still has around 8 different disks available. They are not as heavily discounted as they were with (they're between $15-$20 each). Don't know how long they'll be available, or...
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    Meeting Kermit and Steve at Barnes and Noble in New York

    B&N Hey All! Sorry that I missed the chance to meet you! I found out about today at the most extreme last minute. I missed the 6pm sing along, but was able to catch Steve run down the escalator. My girlfriend and I then flew to Union Square to catch the Q &A. This is the first Muppet...
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    EM.TV to Sell Muppets to Jim Henson's Children for $89 Million

    Thanks for the compliment Chilly Down! I was so excited when I typed my post that I worded it a bit awkward. Of coarse Jim's muppet creations cannot compare with his own children. I meant "second" in the chronological sense, because his kids came after the first Muppet. And in regards to...
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    EM.TV to Sell Muppets to Jim Henson's Children for $89 Million

    This is FANTASTIC!!! I can think of no more fitting successors to Jim Henson's Muppets, than the second of Jim's best creations; his own children. Congratulations to the Henson Family, for bringing home the estranged brothers, sisters, frogs, pigs, bears, and whatevers; who were abscent for way...
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    Academy Awards

    Philip, Thank you for swictching the thread!
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    Academy Awards

    DID ANYONE SEE THIS?! I didn't plan on watching the Oscars tonight, but I am so glad I did! At about an hour and 15 minutes into it, they ran a montage of Oscars past, and among the shots was a brief segment of Kermit and Miss Piggy singing The First Time. It was such a pleasant surprise. It's...
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    Happy 5th Birthday Muppet Central!

    Happy Birthday Muppet Central! Hello Cast, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!! I am so happy that you guys have such love for the Muppets to devote so much time and energy in running this great site! To all the fans who keep everything going, I thank you for your continued love of Jim Henson's dream. I've...
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    Will there be a Super Bowl Commercial?

    SB Commercial I was so disappointed that there were no actual Muppet Commercials, but when I heard "The Rainbow Connection" I was beside myself and thought 'THIS IS SO COOL!!' Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the song was used during the commercial. So at least we can...
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    Your Thoughts: It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas

    This movie was everything the Muppets are. It's great to see them back in their own element. It truly felt like all the magic has returned. The voices were excellent! Although Robin and Sam sounded a bit off. It was so great to see and HEAR Janice, Rowlf, and Scooter again. I still miss the...
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    New Muppet Central Site Design

    New Design WOW!! Amazing job!! What a beautiful layout!! It's so well organized and user friendly. I hope the updated Muppet projects are as great as the new site design!