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    Plushtrap puppet

    I'm making puppets again! Well, I made a puppet. Because I now have a 4-to-6-hour-a-DAY commute (moan whimper) I don't have a lot of free time these days, and arthritis is a thing, so marathon sewing sprees are out. Anyhow! I made my first new Muppet-style puppet in about a year! This is...
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    Winter holiday themed fanfics

    There are plenty of fanfics based on Winter holidays. Wouldn't it be nice to have a thread for them? Wouldn't it be a stroke of genius to create a thread in which people can plug their favorite holiday-type fics with a link and a description? No, no, no need to thank me. Anyway, please plug...
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    I Fraggled again! Lawliet is here.

    So I finally finished this: His name is Lawliet, and he's an homage to L from Death Note. He may seem kind of spooky, but he's mainly just on another wavelength from everyone else. He's got a nice squooshy face, which is kind of ironic, as he's not a demonstrative character. His voice...
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    Boom! Halloween giveaway comic

    Last year several comic companies created small comics to be given away as freebies on Halloween. They were hard to get unless you had an "in" at a comic shop (as I do). Well, this year there are more giveaway comics, including a Boom comic with a Fraggle Rock story. (A reprint of the 4-page...
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    Fraggle Rock El Musical

    I just found this while googling around. Well, first I found a trailer on Youtube... after which I found the number Fraggle Rock Rock: Looking around, I found a website for the company, which is apparently based in Madrid, Spain. The site has a gallery, writeup, and small jukebox...
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    Uncle Traveling Matt and the Ice Bucket Challenge

    Dear Nephew Gobo, Today I have learned about a strange custom of the Silly Creatures. They dump buckets of ice water on themselves to cure disease in others. I'm not sure how it works, but one of them requested I join in, and your Uncle Matt is never one to back down from a challen--...
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    Scooter replica by Slackbot

    What's this? Can it be? I made a puppet that isn't a Fraggle?! Yep! And in my utterly biased opinion, he looks "great!" Man, was this guy a labor of love. I made a buncha skulls for him before I got the shape right, and then I made a bunch more noses before I got THAT part of his head...
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    Sky Pyrates Over Oz by Sherwood Smith

    Almost a decade ago Sherwood Smith was commissioned by the Baum Family Trust to write three Oz books. The first two, The Emerald Wand of Oz and Trouble Under Oz, were illustrated by William Stout and published by HarperCollins. The publisher...well, didn't publish the third. Until now! The...
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    Red Fraggle is in the house!

    After taking some time off making puppets to illustrate a book, I'm back in the business of making a hideous mess of my living room in the name of puppetry. But Red is worth it. If you don't believe me just ask her. I'm pleased with how she turned out, but there are a few things that could...
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    Muppet fic: Once in a Lifetime

    This fic has been percolating in my head for over half a year, and in fact I had outlined it and started writing almost two months ago. Then I had to proofread a book and a magazine, which squeezed out all my writing time. (Well, I could have found the time, but after proofreading for hours I...
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    Janken 2.0

    Janken Fraggle was the first puppet I built, over a year ago, and I've learned so much since then. Since Jan's debut was at Dragon*Con 2012, I wanted to have Jan 2.0 ready in time for Dragon*Con 2013. And here he is! Yeah, that's not a great picture, but it's late and I'm still learning...
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    Postcards for Prell, Mullen, and Frith

    Karen Prell, Kathy Mullen, and Michael Frith will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. So will I. So, I figured, why copycat The Muppeteer Postcard Project over at Toughpigs and offer to take them some postcards? The Muppeteers got a kick out of their fan mail, and I figure it's about time that Red...
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    Mokey Fraggle

    Here's my next puppet in progress. I still have to make the legs and feet, and the fabric for her robe hasn't come in, but when I put the robe I made out of old fabric on her I had to share the "goth Mokey" result. More to come as the puppet approaches completitude.
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    My latest buddy: Gobo Fraggle

    Here's the puppet I've building in the Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up thread... Sexy Gobo Fraggle: I haven't made his costume yet--not sure what I'm gonna do about that striped shirt--but since Fraggles are a clothing-optional species, here he is! His arm rods are removable, and I'll...
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    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    So some people have asked me how I build my puppets. And others have expressed interest in a "build journal." So, what the heck, I thought it'd be fun to show my work on my latest puppet. I'm making this from the ground up, starting with creating my own patterns from scratch, so there may be...
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    Wembley Fraggle! Squeet squeet squat!

    I'm feeling a little giddy. I've been working on this guy for a long time, and nearly broke my heart trying to get his head right, and I've finally finished the puppet! So even though he's au naturel 'cause I don't have the fabric for his shirt yet, here's Wembley Fraggle. Wembley in the...
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    Inappropriate ad

    Lately I've been seeing a cafepress banner ad here, and the first image in the ad is an amply-endowed topless woman. I'm pretty sure this is inappropriate for this site. I've taken a screengrab, but if it appears as often for others as it does for me it probably won't be necessary. Plus, well...
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    Fic: The Death of Fraggle Rock

    This fic may not be what people pave come to expect from me, but sometimes I really feel strongly about something, and I have to express it somehow. And with Earth Day a few weeks away, well, this is the right time for it. I'll be posting this story one part per day until it's finished. This...
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    Center for Puppetry Arts taking down Henson exhibits this summer

    In the 2013-2014 program brochure from the Center for Puppetry Arts they listed both the Henson exhibits ("Wonders from his Workshop" and "Jim Henson: Puppeteer") as being available through August and September. Other exhibits are listed as being in those spaces afterward. I called the CPA and...
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    Video: Jim Henson's new Fraggle Rock series "The Doozers"

    Henson just uploaded some footage of the CGI Doozers to Youtube... Thoughts/reactions?