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Search results

  1. J

    I return and Music

    Hey Group, I haven't posted since January of this year (has it been that long?) so I thought I'd drop by and see what's new. I'm totally jazzed by the release of Season One of the Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock on DVD. I can't buy them just yet, since I'm going on a trip to England next...
  2. J

    Muppety License Plates

    Does anyone have any Muppety licene plate frames or a vanity plate? All I have is a Kermit on my antenna. And he's getting pretty grungy from freeway driving..... Jen
  3. J

    Avenue Q Not Touring After All

    Today on Playbill.com it was announced that Avenue Q will not tour as previously expected. http://www.playbill.com/news/article/86723.html It will have a "permanent" home in Las Vegas. This is a bummer because a lot of folks hoping it would come to their town will miss out. I've been...
  4. J

    Help Spyware infestation

    I seem to have been infested by spyware. It has screwed up my settings, including here at MC. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it? Jen
  5. J

    Just saw Little Shop and Ave Q

    I just got home from NY. We saw Wicked, Avenue Q and Little Shop of Horrors. First Little Shop: The plant was definitely spectacular. I can't say a lot without giving a lot away, but it was very impressive. I wanted to wait at the stage door and meet the puppeteers, but I didn't think...
  6. J

    I want a Muppet Movie Sing Along

    Over on Tough Pigs there's a story about a Muppet Movie sing along. How fun would that be? There's going to be a Wizard of Oz sing along at my local performing arts center. There are some people from work trying to arrange a group to go. It seemed way too hokey to me, then I read about...
  7. J

    I bought a PT Cruiser today!

    Just thought I'd share with you guys. No special reason, I just don't have anything else to do, and I spent all my money, so.... I bought my very first brand-new-never-owned-by-anyone-else car today! An electric blue PT Cruiser that I have named Betty. I'm still reeling from the experience...
  8. J

    This Just in: Disney Strike

    Disneyland: Following the ousting of Michael Eisner, the Disney Characters have all gone on strike in protest. They remain outside the front gates of Disneyland preventing tourists from entering the park. When asked for comment, Grumpy said, "the whole thing just ****** me off." Sleepy...
  9. J

    Mel Gibson interview with Diane Sawyer

    I know everyone is talking about the Disney news, so I'll be surprised if anyone finds this, but... Did anyone see the interview with Diane Sawyer and Mel Gibson last night? Did he seem like he was on something, or what? Jen
  10. J

    Sad, sad, very sad "Angel" news

    AICN is reporting that WB has opted to make this the last season of Angel. I'm still upset over Cordelia dying and now this. Bummed. :( :cry: Jennifer
  11. J

    Little Shop of Horrors

    I'm planning a trip to New York the first week of may, and when I looked at the telecharge website for tickets to Little Shop they're only on sale through April 25. Does anyone know if the show is closing? Supposedly the run is open-ended.
  12. J

    Henson grandkids?

    Does anyone know how many Henson grandchildren there are?
  13. J

    Is anyone interested in a great books thread?

    I just read Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" and I loved it! It was a great adventure with several interesting twists and the author obviously spent a great deal of time doing his research. The plot is about an attempt to blow up the Vatican. The story features the same character as the...
  14. J

    Was there ever a Muppet "Hobbit" planned?

    Watching my LOTR videos, I couldn't help but wonder if Henson ever considered doing their own version of these stories. Maybe not on the same scale as what we are seeing now, but does anyone know if Henson ever looked at doing "The Hobbit?" I'm thinking around the time of The Dark Crystal. I...
  15. J

    Rainbow Connecting frogs and orcs?

    Did anyone watch "Primetime" last night with the behind the scenes look at "Return of the King?" They were showing the actors sitting around between takes and one of the orcs was sitting on a log, strumming his sword like it was a banjo and singing "The Rainbow Connection." It was really...
  16. J

    Kermit and Lydia the Tattooed Lady

    Somewhere in my mind lurking among all of the bizarre songs from childhood I have a vague recollection of Kermit singing Lydia the Tattooed Lady. Does anyone else remember this? Was it from The Muppet Show or some other apperance? Jennifer --filling in the blanks
  17. J

    Was there a Barbara Walters parody?

    Wasn't there a character on Sesame Street who was a parody of Barbara Walters? I think it was a lamb? Does anyone remember....? Jennifer
  18. J

    Questions about Region-Free DVD Players

    I have heard that there are DVD players available in the US that play both Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs. Can anyone give me a brand name? Jennifer
  19. J

    Muppets and Shakespeare

    I just got back from a trip to London--great city, very nice people-- where I saw a show called The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. They do 37 works in 97 minutes. It's completely hysterical. I'd recommend it to anyone without reservation. It...
  20. J

    Little Shop of Horrors

    There is a video clip of rehearsals of Little Shop of Horrors on www.broadway.com if anyone is interested. Just click on multimedia and on video features. You can see some of Audrey II and the actors commenting on the fact that Audrey II is really the star of the show. There is also a clip...