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    Wayne & Wanda?

    What ever had been to Wayne & Wanda?:confused: and who play them? Can some one send me some pitchers of them or post them on this thread. Thanks! :attitude:
  2. S

    Muppet Plushes

    So dose anyone know when we will get to start see those new Muppet plushes? That someone was talking about week a go in one of the threads What Muppets Plushes would you like to see? (besides Kermit,Piggy,Pepe,Chef Animal,Gonzo,Bunsen,Beaker,& Fozzie) Here is my WISH list. Sam,Dr...
  3. S

    Statler Figure ?

    :boo: Statler Figure, I was wondering if the head of him was going to get fix because this is a very bad likness of him. The upper part of lip dosen't look right, his pupil don,t look right he looks very scary and hair needs something. dose any know if this has been talk about?:boo:
  4. S

    What happen to the missing Muppets?

    Can some one tell me what happen to the following Muppets and their Performers? Nigel Hilda Mildred George the Janitor Uncle Deadley Annie Sue Bean Bunny Zelda Rose Wayne & Wanda Lips Bobby Benson & Baby Band Gladys and the talking house well I know some these Muppets were in the 1st season of...
  5. S

    Happy Birthday Gorgon Heap!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May all your MUPPET WISH come true!
  6. S

    Happy Birthday Janice & Mokey's Man

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have A Great Day and A Great Year! May all your MUPPET WISH come true!
  7. S

    What IF Palisades?

    What if Palisades said, We as Muppet Fans could have more Fan Favorits Figures what will they be? Pick the top 10 you would like to see, beside the ones we all ready now they going to make. So here is my top ten! 1.Nigel 2.Mildred 3.George the Jaintor 4.Pops 5.Marvin Suggs 6.Hilda 7.Annie Sue...