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  1. S

    Line Up of Series 9 and 10?

    Here are my picks for series 9 & 10 series 9 TMS- Reg. Rowlf TMS- Mildred TGMC- Pops MTI- Link EX MFS- Kermit in pj & rope series 10 TMS- Uncel Deadly TMS- George the Jantior TMS- Lips MT- Bean Bunny EX TMS- Sweetums
  2. S

    Starbucks finger puppets

    Do you know they are carring Swedish Chef & Miss Piggy cookies now these cookies look really great! :attitude:
  3. S

    What figures do you want to see made?

    What figures would I like to see be made? Wayne & Wanda Nigel George the Jantior Pops Robin Gladys Bobby Bensen & Baby Band Louis Kazagger J.P.Grosse Uncle Deadly Mildred Marvin Suggs Lips Annie Sue Bean Bunny Foo Foo the Dog Droop Thog Johnny & Sal I know their is more of...
  4. S

    Naked Sam

    Wiggy, Thanks for the information & The muppet sportscaster name is Louis Kazagger Wiggy do you know if he's is on the rader and I sure would like to see Uncle Deadly, Nigel, Bobby Bensen and Baby Band, George the Jantior, Lips, Bean Bunny, J.P. Gross, & Wanye & Wanda. I know some these are...
  5. S

    Naked Sam

    I also hope we get other Muppets beside varients I sure would like to see Pops, Uncle Deadly, Marvin Suggs & Fozzie's mom Emily Bear
  6. S

    Countdown on Dateline

    you also think they would have mentioned star wars, kenny rogers, & mr.rogers :boo: on them
  7. S

    Starbucks finger puppets

    My friend call me from Starbucks today (she works their) and she said the last three in the Muppet series are going to be Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef and Kermit again! I was hoping for Sam or Rizzo or Pepe So their news on that!
  8. S

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Why can't they bump Clifford out instead of Beau? I rather have Beau then Clifford but then they know whats best for the Muppet line up I hope we get Beau in series 7 also would like to see Sweetums in series 7 and I like to see Wayne & Wanda in series 8 just kidding that would be cool! :attitude:
  9. S

    Your Favorite Series 4 Figure is...

    I like Link the most but Sam is awsome too I was going to wait on this Sam but when I saw him I had to get him but I still waiting for reg Sam with moving eyes! Palisades keep up the great work! :attitude:
  10. S

    Mega Bunsen, VCBeaker, and PIS Playset

    I hope maybe they will put moving eyes on the reg Sam that would be awsome! :attitude:
  11. S

    Series 4 sightings...

    Dose any one have, or is their a 1-800 # for the Beanstore If so can some one, PLEASE post it! Thanks :attitude:
  12. S

    Series 4 sightings...

    I just got off the phone with EB and they said they don't have them in stock! I was calling because the last email they sent me said the 10th they would ship out so they said that was a mistake and then they said that it was today but then they turn around said the don't have them in stock yet...
  13. S

    Which Figures Are You Most Looking Forward To?

    Here is my top ten I am looking forward to- 1. Link 2. Newsman 3. Janice 4. Beau 5. BOP 6. Reg Sam 7. Reg Rowlf 8. Sweetums 9. Robin 10. Pops Here is my top ten Wish list- 1. Uncle Deadly 2. George the Janitor 3. Marvin Suggs 4. Bean Bunny 5. Annie Sue 6. Mildred 7. Wayne 8. Wanda 9. Nigel 10...
  14. S

    Muppet Plushes

    Hi everyone! When I order my EM beanie set from Wickedcoolstuff the nice person gave nice ear full of information on the Muppet plushes He said another wave is plan for the middle of the Summer and then one in the Fall He said that EM beanie set will come out again with different set of...
  15. S

    Muppet Plushes

    UncleDuke How much were the plushes each? What kind of tins are you talking about and can you post some pic of Beaker & Gonzo plushes and of the tins. Thanks :attitude:
  16. S

    Muppet Plushes

    No Not the Nanco ones some of them are cool and some of them are ugly but any ways the ones that were talk about on the on Muppet UNO thread 2nd page half way down I thing
  17. S

    Wayne & Wanda?

    What ever had been to Wayne & Wanda?:confused: and who play them? Can some one send me some pitchers of them or post them on this thread. Thanks! :attitude:
  18. S

    Muppet Plushes

    So dose anyone know when we will get to start see those new Muppet plushes? That someone was talking about week a go in one of the threads What Muppets Plushes would you like to see? (besides Kermit,Piggy,Pepe,Chef Animal,Gonzo,Bunsen,Beaker,& Fozzie) Here is my WISH list. Sam,Dr...
  19. S

    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Is The Muppet Newsman going to come with a micophone for his desk? Last night I finly got to see all the daily bits and I just think The Muppet Newsman is awsome! All of the Muppet Figures are really well made and Great! Ken and Company, Keep Up the Great WORK!
  20. S

    Female Muppets

    I would love to see Mildred and Annie Sue these are great Muppets but all of the female Muppets were great! Oh how about Lydia the Tatooed Lady, wouldn't she make a great figure :zany: just kidding!