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Search results

  1. Wafflesnacker

    Anyone ever made a Young Kermit Puppet?

    Just wondering, has anyone ever made a young Kermit from swamp years? He seems to be one of the 'unpopular' of Kermit incarnations to be turned into a puppet. Considering the fact it's one of the least popular Muppet films.
  2. Wafflesnacker

    Why isn't Wontkins in the Smithsonian?

    Now Wilkins and Wontkins are some of my favorite Jim creations, can anyone tell me why Wontkins, the red grumpy blob wasn't donated to the Smithsonian museum? Wilkins was donated, why not Wontkins?
  3. Wafflesnacker

    Wilkins coffee compilation!

    It's amazing how many of these they could find, but only 18 episodes of Sam and friends?
  4. Wafflesnacker

    Palisades Sweetums Prototype on eBay!

    http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5336326140&icep_item=191183461330 There is a prototype MEGA Sweetums on eBay. It looks epic!
  5. Wafflesnacker

    Puppet chairs

    Whenever you see a Muppet gets interviewed, they have a sofa/chair with a hole in it, that you go inside. I always wonder how to make one or at least BUY one, any ideas? It would be great to have a puppet lying in a chair, being controlled!
  6. Wafflesnacker

    Fao schwarz Kermit anyone?

    I'm dying for an FAO Schwarz Kermit the frog (UK) Anybody gots one?
  7. Wafflesnacker

    Opinions on a Miss Piggy Doll on eBay

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Miss-Piggy-professional-Muppet-puppet-/121353207784?pt=UK_Toys_Creative_Educational_RL&hash=item1c4136ffe8 It looks nice, but over priced. What do you guys think?
  8. Wafflesnacker

    Fisher price Muppets!

    Not talked about much, but does anyone have these awesome puppets/plushes? I'd love to see them! Who remembers this animal? Or this guy? I never had an Animal... I always wondered how it's eyebrows moved.
  9. Wafflesnacker

    Sam and Friends rumor...

    A large rumor that the original Kermit and Sam puppets have been purchased in a private sale. Not much proves this claim but people don't know how much it was bought for. What do you think? But it would be sad if the original abstract Kermit was deprived from viewing in the museum.
  10. Wafflesnacker

    A Question about Floyd and Mahna Mahna's Eyes

    Now I love these characters, a rocky guy and one that can only say Mahna and play the triangle! Look at Floyd, one thing that divides him from the others, his... Eyes! Ever looked at his eyes and said, are they just holes? I see no pupils or any signs of eyes! And his 'holes' close as well...
  11. Wafflesnacker

    Albert Heijn muppets

    Albert Heijn Promotional Muppet puppets! Ever seen bought or heard of these: I saw these and they looked like they got run over. But I finally made the choice of curiosity and got myself Kermit and Piggy and they're half decent with someones hand inside. A decent size to. 13 Inches aprox...
  12. Wafflesnacker

    Questions about Buying a Kermit Replica

    I'm planning on buying this kermit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261493961102 But I want a great looking one, failing to build my own. Questions about it: His eyes look like foam, are they? It's mouth span looks quite long, what do you think? Do you think there's just foam inside? And finally, do...