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Search results

  1. wes

    Wow how this has grown!

    It's been several years since I posted! I check back periodically to see how things are going. I want to give a big thanks to MC and all admins who make this place rock specifically the puppetry building threads!! I started here not knowing what it takes to make awesome puppets and throughout...
  2. wes

    Wes Brock Puppets

    Hello all, It's been a while since my last post due to work and finding work. I've miss yall! I don't even know how many new folks are here or if any remember me. I figured I drop a shameless plug about my puppet building. Check my work out on my Facebook page, i frequently post pics there...
  3. wes

    Harry Carey Tribute Puppet

    Actually its a tribute to tribute More a copy of Will Ferrell version but i like Harry he has a place in my Heart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEURB821J04 I also am planning on using him as a Crazy scientist in kids church...the kids wont know who he is ...but the grown up will. I'm...
  4. wes

    Kermit hearts-variety: a childrens charity

    I found this I thought it was cool, selling the heart pins for the childrens charity. http://usvariety.org/ This was also on the muppet studio youtube channel(where I found it.) I contacted the Erica (erica@usvariety.org) and she listed the ones close to me:NCG Cinemas, Carmike...
  5. wes

    The Chipmunks...

    The Chipmunks I made http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4680269&id=537001054
  6. wes

    antron covered nose?

    I have a Nice puppet that i got from Rgentry that has a antron covered nose. Like Elmo's how do i make a good antron covered nose with no seams do i use a wedge pattern or what?
  7. wes

    No More 14 Oz Antron Fleece!

    ANY ONE HAVE ANY 14 OZ ANTRON FLEECE. Brandi at GA Stage told me that they don't carry it and that the people they by it from no longer makes it. I love the heavier material, it covers the seams better is there another place in the states that carries it? Or does any one have any to sell?
  8. wes

    Harry Caray Eyewear

    a while back some one posted a site about custume eye wear. anyone know of it. I'm in need of some Harry Caray Glases. Much help would greatly be appericated, and i'll dance at your wedding!
  9. wes

    Asian Eye!

    anyone got a good picture of a puppet with asian type eyes. I know crank yankers had some asian puppets there at one time but it's hard to find. anyone have any ideas how to do this and not make it look sterotypical.
  10. wes

    How to Make Cookie Monster Eyes?

    dose any body know how to make cookie monster eye. And before anyone starts to rant I NOT MAKING A COOKIE MONSTER. I'm making a Snake i thought it would be cute to have cookies type eye. Any help would be great!
  11. wes

    R.I.P.: Puppet Productions!

    For who don't know Puppet Productions Is defunk know. I was help someone get some info on puppetry and Puppets I gave him the site and he told me that they were gone. I said you must have typed in the wrong thing. He was right I was taken aback, It just happen recently mid March...
  12. wes

    New Puppet: Lenord the Duck

    Here's the New addition to Wes Brock Pupets. Lenord the Duck, he's great well rounded Duck except for one thins He's Auqaphobic! Lenord photo 1 Lenord 2 Lenord 3 what da ya think? (Sorry aboutthe pictures, they were taking by Camera phone)
  13. wes

    Fabric help: Light vinyl fabric

    I need to find some light vinyl fabric, I was asked to make a inflatable costume. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Has anyone had any experince in this area?
  14. wes

    Needed: Brainstorming: Big Whale Puppet

    I'm Trying to figure out the best way to make a whale puppet, I want it to be pretty sizeable, and 3D. A friend mentioned using Bendable PVC to make the structure and then cover it with foam. I'm quite confident in my ablity to cover with foam and finish it. I'm clueless on how to...
  15. wes

    Muppet Pipes: On David Letterman

    I always heard about this I think I even read about this in "Designs and Doodles". But I keep up with a Clown Site clownalley.net wich is awesome and Pat Cashine wich is a totally talent clown who work at Ringling Brothers posted this: Jack Parr shows Dave something amazing!
  16. wes

    New Puppet

    My Lefty: here and my inspirations was these: Lefty the Salesman and one of my favorite cartoons: Rocky I used the Pinhead pattern from Project puppets, I was going to build his costume from scracth but i had everything already made. I blew the pattern up a bit to make it...
  17. wes

    Main Forum link doesn't work (for me)

    Why doesn't the forum button work on my computer. I click the button and it doesn't take me there I have to click on the Lets talk about it link under the main article.
  18. wes

    what the nerf?

    I just found this picture over at the smithionian site, they had an article on Bonnie Erickson. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/multimedia/photos/?c=y&articleID=28299359&page=2 I wonder what was in that box, what type of nerf toy was in it, how was it use, and can we still get it today...
  19. wes

    Fran Brill in Atlanta/Center of Puppetry Arts

    This is a Repost from Henson People but I hang out here mostly!: Hey Yall I was listen to NPR today and I heard that Fran Brill will be apearing at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. Me and My wife are planning to go any one else! Here's the Info...
  20. wes

    Fran Brill In Atlanta/ Center Of Puppetry arts

    Hey Yall I was listen to NPR today and I heard that Fran Brill will be apearing at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. Me and My wife are planning to go any one else! Here's the Info: http://puppet.org/edu/education.shtml#jimhenson I'm going to try to talk with here and ask a few...