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    TV Alert: Sesame Street at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Maybe he didn't have a lot of time to rehearse what he was gonna say? It was a pretty nice bit.
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    Sesame Street Season 51 Episode 5103 - Measuring Big Bird

    I liked how Nina was hesitant to touch a block that Cookie chewed on. I also liked the bit with Grover and Mr. Johnson, who Grover still calls "sir". The Hallie Steinfeld song was fun. I liked Big Bird knowing how Basket is a character in Amazing Adventures. Basket getting worried about Abby and...
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    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    Still, it's interesting that he once puppteered to Eric's voice.
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    Learn Something New Everyday Thread

    Eric Jacobson prerecorded Piggy's vocals for the We are Family music video, but couldn't film it because he was filming Ernie and Bert pieces. So Frank Oz puppeteered Piggy to Eric's voice.
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    The New New Quote Thread

    Jarrod Fairclough: Something I think Sesame needs to do is get some more humans and maybe jettison a couple humans. I don't say this lightly, but as far as I'm concerned, Chris can go. I just don't enjoy Chris on the show at all, when he first started, he was great, but now it's like he's on...
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    Sesame Street Season 51 Episode 5102 - Camp Out

    I really like Jen Barnhart playing a recurring human. Hoots is always welcome. Tyler and Pam's performances as the raccoons was fun. I liked Elmo pretending to be a giant in the shadow puppet bit. I liked Maggie Rogers' song especially Don Music's cameo. I guess the short bit with Big Bird and...
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    The New What Made You Frown Today Thread

    Gabriel confirmed it in the comments of his video.
  8. A

    The New What Made You Frown Today Thread

    I'm afraid I might have made Kippel hate Bill Barretta as well as Steve Whitmire. After telling him that Bill put the kibosh on Muppet performers having understudies in 2006, he wrote an unfavorable comment about Bill on Gabriel Velez's YT video of the auditions.
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    Sesame Street Season 51 Episode 5101 - Ramp Racers

    I liked Nina being an announcer for Elmo and Rosita's game. I like having transitions to the Letter of the Day and Abby's Amazing Adventures. I liked Abby saying to the audience in AAA, "(Rudy)'s gonna pick the big one. Told ya." Also the big slide after Abby made magic to it was impressive...
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    Disney's Muppets Problem: Can the Franchise Reckon With Its Boys' Club Culture?

    A year after the kerfuffle, Brian praised Steve's performance as Kermit in Muppet Treasure Island. And last month, he said Steve was a logical choice to take over Kermit because he liked to imitate voices. I think Brian likes Steve as a person, but he didn't like how he gave feedback on projects.
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    Sesame Street Season 51 News and Rumors

    All I know is that Shane gave up on making pages for EW after the Nursery Rhyme one. To me that means he stopped watching those bits. Now at least he'll have at least some incentive to watch.
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    Sesame Street Season 51 News and Rumors

    But with Elmo having someone to interact with who isn't Smartie, there might be some jokes that will at least give you a little smile.
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    Sesame Street Season 51 News and Rumors

    It looks like EW is now gonna have other characters be with Elmo for the whole segment. This means EW is gonna get more tolerable for Shane and he'll make pages for the new episodes on the wiki instead of me. I was proud of myself for how I made those pages, but it would be nice to have some...
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    Muppet Guys (And Gals) Talking: The Muppet Family Interviews Thread

    Here's a fun interview with Brian Meehl, he has a really good sense of humor:
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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    Since Veston Bruno decided to remove his Sesame videos for fear of copyright strikes even though Sesame is pretty lenient, I reuploaded the version of the Exercise song with Lisa Buckley's vocals.
  16. A

    Disney's Muppets Problem: Can the Franchise Reckon With Its Boys' Club Culture?

    I think that Brian Henson could have been joking about hating Rainbow Connection. If he disliked it so much, he would have prevented it from being in the Muppet Show Live in 2001.
  17. A

    The New New Quote Thread

    Eric Wright: Do you have memories of working on the 50th Anniversary special? Because Don Music and Lefty are characters that have been retired in the past, but brought back for the special. Ryan Dillon: That was all Matt Vogel, he was very kind to let me do them. I asked about Lefty, and it's...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    I love the research you put into these videos. I'd like to see you do reviews of movies with this style on your other channel, maybe when you finally see Kermit's Swamp Years and Muppets Wizard of Oz.
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    TV Alert: Sesame Street Special - "A Swingin’ Sesame Street Celebration" with Wynton Marsalis on PBS Friday October 30, 2020

    It was cool to see how they incorporated different performances of the concert into this special. I'm still impressed with Ryan's high notes while singing.