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Search results

  1. MaxGoof

    FS: Sealed WHITE TUX ROWLF (Palisades) from ToyFair

    After looking for a White Tux Rowlf for two years, I finally bought one off ebay last month for $300, only to find out this weekend that my wife somehow outcollected me and had already gotten me one for my birthday! Does anyone want a new, super-mint White Tux Rowlf for $250 shipped? He is...
  2. MaxGoof

    WANTED: Sideshow Muppets Busts!

    I was a poor college student when the Sideshow Muppet Busts were released, and now that I'm older and can afford them, they're annoyingly difficult to find. Does anyone have any of these that they're looking to let go?
  3. MaxGoof

    Wanted: White Tuxedo Rowlf

    I'm looking to buy a White Tuxedo Rowlf figure, preferably still in the package but I can live if he's loose. Please PM me if you have one and want to sell it or try to work out a trade of some kind. Thank you! :sympathy:
  4. MaxGoof

    The convention exclusives won't be up for ordering through the CC for a while, right?

    I've been a little out of the loop lately, so forgive me for asking a dumb question. I haven't gotten too many E-Mails from the Collector's Club lately... just about the Holiday Kermit and the Newsletter last week. I didn't miss the ordering for the convention Animal, Bunsen/Beaker, or Chef, did...
  5. MaxGoof

    I'm so confused... is Toys R Us getting Series 3 or not?

    I thought I read over here just a few days ago that Ken said Toys R Us didn't order Muppets Series 3, but I just read over on the RTM board that Julius Marx (who's usually pretty reliable) said Ken said Toys R Us *is* getting Series 3. My city doesn't have any specialty stores like Suncoast...
  6. MaxGoof

    Muppets Series 1 Super-Clearance!

    AmokTime Toys Muppets Series 1 Super-Clearance! For anyone still missing figures from Series 1, Amok Time Toys has the whole set for $19.99 + shipping and handling. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, since Bunsen has dried up in most areas. Although if all you need is Kermit, Piggy, or...
  7. MaxGoof

    What's YOUR wishlist for the Muppet movies figures?

    Well, I can finally ask this... what's YOUR wishlist for the Muppet movies figures? With the big announcement that Palisades has the rights to make figures from all of the Muppet movies (who spotted it first in Toyfare? Yeah, that's right! Me! ;)), and confirmation of several things that don't...
  8. MaxGoof

    Tuxedo Kermit: Sloppy-Painted Mess

    Since my local Toys R Us only alloted one peg for Muppets and claim they never received Tuxedo Kermit at all, I finally made the 40-minute drive to the next closest TRU to get me an exclusive Kermit. This Toys R Us was MUCH nicer--it has 6 pegs for Muppets, and had plenty of Bunsens and Dr...
  9. MaxGoof

    Is it possible to fit both of Piggy's feet on her stand?

    My EB Miss Piggy isn't standing as firmly as I'd like on her stand with just one foot on a peg... is it possible to get both her feet on the pegs without breaking one of her legs off? :D Also, could someone give me some tips on putting the Boa on Piggy? I'm a little unfamilar with Boas, I...