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Search results

  1. ErinAardvark

    Fraggledonian Stained Glass Windows

    This goes with something in one I *did* write last year. It was called "The Chosen Fraggle," and if anyone is interested in reading it, click here. Incidentally, this fanfic was my first (and only) attempt at writing for Cantus, so be gentle. He was not an easy character for me to write for! So...
  2. ErinAardvark

    Another Movie Poster Spoof

    This movie poster was inspired by a dream I had last night, but I only remember two parts from it. Mickey Mouse (as "Sherriff Mickey") and Kermit the Frog (as "The Lone Frog") were having a showdown in the streets, and one of my original characters (who is a director) kept calling "cut" because...
  3. ErinAardvark

    Light and Heavy Cartoon

    This has been driving me nuts. Apparently, someone had posted a Sesame Street cartoon about light and heavy on YouTube awhile ago, but it's gone, and I've been looking for it ever since. The cartoon featured a man, and a feather came down, and he says "Light!" Then a giant bird comes down and...
  4. ErinAardvark

    Can I have a little homework help?

    Classes started up again at UMUC (University of Maryland University College), and the idiot that I am didn't check the discussion questions until today, and they are due tonight (Thursday) at 11:59pm. PANIC! Anyway, part of this week's assignment is to talk to three people and ask them these...
  5. ErinAardvark

    Off the Mark - Muppets

    There's a website I like called Off the Mark, which is full of comics. I searched "Muppets" in the search box to have a little fun, and here are the results for you guys: https://www.offthemark.com/search/?q=Muppets This guy pokes fun at everything, so hopefully, you won't take these too...
  6. ErinAardvark

    Preview Song from My Latest Fanfic

    I've suddenly had the urge to do a Fraggle Rock version of "Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (I've read the book, and seen both versions of the movie, and I'm one of those weirdos who actually liked all three). I'm giving you guys a preview of a song I tweaked for use of this...
  7. ErinAardvark

    Big Bird

    I drew this in 2009 for "Sesame Street's" 40th anniversary. Please be nice!
  8. ErinAardvark

    Movie Poster Spoofs

    One of the things I do on DeviantArt is create movie poster spoofs. My fictional production company is entitled "Camp Monkee Mallard," though how and why I came up with a name like that I don't know. I was writing what I like to call "Monkees and Then Some" fanfics at the time, and I used the...
  9. ErinAardvark

    Ask the Aardvark

    I've been wanting to do this, so finally, I've done it. Ask me anything. Whether or not I'll give you a straight answer is yet to be seen.
  10. ErinAardvark

    Flashback - Fraggle Rock Fanfic

    This is actually my third Fraggle Rock story. The second one is too long to post here (a whopping 25 chapters!) I got the idea for this one while writing the second one, however, as well as episode #3854 of "Sesame Street" (I also borrow a song from that episode, with slightly modified lyrics in...
  11. ErinAardvark

    The White Monster

    I wrote this in October of 2016, when I started getting into the Fraggle Rock fandom. This was also the inspiration for my avatar. Not to mention my first attempt at a Fraggle Rock fanfic, so please be kind. The White Monster It was a normal day in outer space. The Silly Creature and the Hairy...
  12. ErinAardvark

    Too much time on my hands

    I originally did this for a project this past semester in college (I'm going for my bachelor's degree). I created it with a little help from a template I found on a site called https://graphicriver.net. http://fluidgirl82.deviantart.com/art/The-Kermit-T-Frog-Honorary-Theater-675742289
  13. ErinAardvark

    TMS Outline - Michael Nesmith (partial)

    For those of you who don't know, Michael Nesmith is one of the Monkees (he's the one who always wore the green wool hat). Along with being a Muppet Nut, I am also a Monkee Junkee, and Mike is my favorite. I made a note of this being partial, as I don't have a full script, or major idea for it...