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Search results

  1. SeanC

    Of Muppets & Men - possible reissue?

    First off - there's no evidence to suggest that a reissue is forthcoming. However, I've noticed that Christopher Finch, who wrote 'Of Muppets & Men', has revised and updated his book on Winnie the Pooh - 'A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear' - in preparation for Disney's new Pooh movie due this...
  2. SeanC

    Some silly fanart I've done

    Some Muppet related pics I've drawn over on the Furaffinity website during the past couple of years. Yeah, this is a 'furry' site, so if that disturbs you then don't go ( although in the words of Douglas Adams, it's mostly harmless ). All my art is G rated. I used to have one with Thog standing...
  3. SeanC

    FR season one DVD ( UK/Ireland version )

    I picked this up in the Dublin branch of Tower Records today ( not supposed to be released until Monday but they'd put it out early ). For anyone who was wondering if the region 2 set would include the UK versions set on the lighthouse, the answer is no. It's the US version with The Doc. While...
  4. SeanC

    Guest Stars: Who Enjoyed It & Who Didn't?

    Over the past month or so I've been watching the first three seasons again ( plus a couple of random 'Best of' discs with some seasons 4 & 5 material ), and as I've watched each ep I've been wondering which guest stars really enjoyed themselves and which ones were thinking "What am I doing on...
  5. SeanC

    Bean Bunny plushies still available?

    I'll be in Disneyworld this coming November - was wondering if the Bean Bunny plushies can still be found in the store outside Muppets 3D? Or have I missed the boat on that one?
  6. SeanC

    Note about the French DVD release of 'Muppet Family Christmas'

    I ordered this from France last week, hoping it would be an uncut version of the special ( I'd heard that European releases were unedited ). Sadly, it's the same edited version that's available in North America...
  7. SeanC

    Muppet Annuals and the pics within.

    I recently found the first two Muppet annuals in a used bookstore here in Dublin. While the text is slight, some of the pictures are absolutely wonderful and there's a lot of great shots I've never seen anywhere else. I particularly liked the nice photos of Fletcherbird and the Muppet monsters...
  8. SeanC

    Extinct Muppets?

    And by 'extinct', I mean 'no longer in existence'. Just curious if anyone has a definite list of which Muppets still exist and which ones have decayed/fallen into extreme disrepair? I'm particularly interested in the fate of the full-bodied suits. Sweetums - still active, although I assume...
  9. SeanC

    Oscar in Co. Mayo, Ireland

    Found this on Youtube, thought it was quite charming. Caroll Spinney and Oscar attend a school play in Cong, Co. Mayo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUwI0flsR1Q At the end he says "Sesame Street is coming to Ireland", which must be a reference to the Northern Irish 'Sesame Tree' show. The...
  10. SeanC

    The evolution of Timmy Monster

    I was watching a few episodes from season two this week and I was struck by just how much Timmy Monster's design changed between the Bernadette Peters ep and the Julie Andrews one. A new facial look, plus the addition of a tail. That's some serious plastic surgery going on there! :) But then...
  11. SeanC

    Is 'Of Muppets & Men' worth the money?

    I've been thinking of picking up a copy of this book. There's a lot of used copies out there from places like Amazon Marketplace or Abebooks, with $50 being about the cheapest I've seen it going for ( and the price goes up to about $200 in some cases ). While I certainly wouldn't pay a three...
  12. SeanC

    Your thoughts on Doglion?

    Doglion is my favourite of the monsters, and my second favourite full-bodied muppet after Fletcher ( I obviously have a thing for lesser known characters ). I always liked Doglion's Sendakesque appearance and even as a highly strung kid who was afraid of other monsters such as Sweetums and Thog...
  13. SeanC

    Hugga Wugga or Sclrap Flyapp?

    Which do people prefer? :) I saw Sclrap Flyapp on the 'Muppets Magic' DVD ( which is a fantastic disc btw ) and Hugga Wugga when I picked up TMS season one set. While I like both, I have to say I prefer Hugga Wugga, mainly because the muppets used are nicer and the performance seems a little...
  14. SeanC

    Your Thoughts: The StoryTeller

    I picked up the DVDs of 'The Storyteller' last year ( imported them from Germany as they were deleted at home ) and I was wonderfully impressed by the overall quality of the episodes. Aside from some great performances, not least of which was John Hurt as The Storyteller himself, the creature...
  15. SeanC

    Your Thoughts on Fletcherbird.

    Maybe an odd choice, but Fletcher Bird is probably my favourite of the full-bodied muppets. I’ve always liked Henson’s bird creations ( chickens, ducks, whatdayasay bird etc… ) but Fletcher is my personal fav for a couple of reasons. One, the suit is fantastically fun, cute and colourful and...