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Search results

  1. Gonzoid247

    Just saw Muppets in 3D @ WDW. Question

    There was very little talking since folks were watching the screen. Sam's exasperated sounded un-Oz-like and Scooter's voice did sound not quite as Hunt-like. The video also seemed to be very clean, as if shot for high definition. I may be very off-base here and I have nothing on which to...
  2. Gonzoid247

    Just saw Muppets in 3D @ WDW. Question

    Hi ho, folks. We just returned from a trip from my first ever trip to Walt Disney World. Of course, I made a beeline to Disney Hollywood to see Muppet Vision 3D. It was incredible. The whole presentation was, from the walk-thru to the waiting room to the movie and theater. "We surrender...
  3. Gonzoid247

    Woman is murdered on Carol Spinney property

    They found the guy who did it, too. The case was cracked by Sherlock Hemlock. :halo:
  4. Gonzoid247

    Save the Muppets

    I'm uber-confused... are the "classic" muppeteers being replaced? Or is there something else? Could someone uncornfuze me?
  5. Gonzoid247

    New book of Jim Henson's Wisdom due in September

    I think I need to get this book. I need something very uplifting in my life right now.
  6. Gonzoid247

    Who misses Muppet Babies?

    I was never a big Muppet Babies fan. First of all, it was a cartoon instead of the actual Muppets. Secondly, it wasn't even the Muppetteers doing the voices. Heck, they had Howie Mandel doing Animal. :boo: YMMV
  7. Gonzoid247

    TMS: Langham, Feldman & Milligan on VHS/DVD?

    Does anyone know if the Muppet Show episodes with Chris Langham, Spike Milligan and Marty Feldman are available for sale? I recently bought the Cleese/Sellers/Moore DVD (I'm a fan of British comedy, can you tell?) and I'd like to get these particular eps.
  8. Gonzoid247

    Does anyone cry when they watch Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson?

    I remember shedding a tear or two. My girlfriend at the time and I were both crying, in fact. The thing I remember, though, is that when Kermit came out at the end, he didn't sound anything like he did these days. I remembered that quite clearly. But a few years ago, Nickelodeon replayed the...
  9. Gonzoid247

    Kermit on Hannity and Colmes

    You have listened to Hannity's radio show, haven't you?
  10. Gonzoid247

    Kermit on Hannity and Colmes

    Rather interesting they'd have Kermit on when just a few months ago, Bill O'Reilly was calling for an end to tax dollars supporting public broadcasting. :mad: