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Search results

  1. SeanC

    Your Thoughts: "The Muppets" Theatrical Film

    I've been avoiding this forum for the past couple of months as I didn't want to hear any spoilers, but now that I've finally seen the movie I can at last chime in with my opinion. In a word - fantastic. I went to an early afternoon showing on Friday. Not many kids, as it was a schoolday, just a...
  2. SeanC

    Great SKEKSIS costume!

    A fantastic costume... I never thought I'd see anything better than the full size Wampa ( from 'The Empire Strikes Back' ) I saw at a con called Further Confusion last year, but this is certainly it.
  3. SeanC

    "The Muppets" first preview screening

    Having looked at the still in question, it appears to me that there's supposed to be someone there. Look at The Mutation to the right of Thog and the way he's positioned. Then look at the one to the left and the way he's facing away from Thog. If there was nobody there wouldn't it make more...
  4. SeanC

    "The Muppets" first preview screening

    Heh... this is the kind of thread you sort of don't want to read for fear of spoilers but just can't help it in the end :) It all sounds great and I'm seriously looking forward to it... just a pity I'm one of those 'not going to see it until Feb 2012' people. To make matters worse, I'm actually...
  5. SeanC

    Extracts from TMS episodes as aired on ITV

    Great to see the Muppet stuff but wow.... nostalgia overload on the adverts - the anti-smoking Superman one in particular.
  6. SeanC

    Minor Muppets you'd like to see in the new movie?

    I think I mentioned this before, but if there's going to be a lot of minor Muppets appearing ( perhaps in crowd scenes etc... ) I strongly suspect that for reasons of time, budget and pure logistics, many of them will be CGI reproductions dropped into the shot. I hope I'm wrong and that they...
  7. SeanC

    Your Muppet mistakes

    The evening 'Fraggle Rock' started on tv here ( '83? ) my Dad said something about The Fraggles being 'the Muppets' cousins'. Now, as a kid I took that literally. For many years I was utterly convinced that The Fraggles were indeed related to The Muppets, and not just in a behind the scenes...
  8. SeanC

    Hugga Wugga

  9. SeanC

    Of Muppets & Men - possible reissue?

    First off - there's no evidence to suggest that a reissue is forthcoming. However, I've noticed that Christopher Finch, who wrote 'Of Muppets & Men', has revised and updated his book on Winnie the Pooh - 'A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear' - in preparation for Disney's new Pooh movie due this...
  10. SeanC

    Minor Muppets you'd like to see in the new movie?

    Fletcherbird, Mean Mamma, Doglion, Timmy.... any of the full bodied ones, really :) I'm seriously excited that Thog will be in it. Never thought I'd see him again. And in the tradition of the first three Muppet movies, I'd like to see at least one Sesame Street character cameo.
  11. SeanC

    Some silly fanart I've done

    Some Muppet related pics I've drawn over on the Furaffinity website during the past couple of years. Yeah, this is a 'furry' site, so if that disturbs you then don't go ( although in the words of Douglas Adams, it's mostly harmless ). All my art is G rated. I used to have one with Thog standing...
  12. SeanC

    The New Movie: The Muppets

    I don't believe Doglion has been seen since 'Muppets Tonight', so he's been missing for well over a decade. That said, Thog has been missing for three decades, so maybe it's only right that he's the one to return :) As for the other full-bodied Muppets... Timmy was last seen in 'The Jim Henson...
  13. SeanC

    The New Movie: The Muppets

    As a big fan of the full-bodied Muppets, I'm absolutely delighted that Thog has been rebuilt. Couldn't stop smiling for ages after I saw the photos. He looks a bit taller and maybe a bit thinner than he used to, although I'll wait until I actually see the movie to call judgement. Now, if only...
  14. SeanC

    Muppets on The Cosby Show

    Never saw much of 'The Cosby Show' when it was on, but I remember a lot of talk at school about this ep when it first aired. I finally saw it myself during a block of reruns several years later. While I'm not as familiar with a few of the characters, having not seen much of 'The Jim Henson...
  15. SeanC

    UK Release?

    Sadly, this might be true. While many of the major studios such as Fox and WB release their movies pretty much the same time around the world, Disney have a nasty habit of making certain countries wait. In the case of the UK/Ireland, we usually get the movie around two or three months later. It...
  16. SeanC

    Chicago Museum Jim Henson

    I went to see this exhibition last week and loved it. It was so fascinating to see all those drawings, sketches and puppets in the flesh ( or the felt, to be more accurate ). Ernie and Bert were a lot bigger than I had expected, as were the Snowths. Loved the Snowths, actually, and spent several...
  17. SeanC

    Lola Falana trailer

    It's possible that many of the trailers no longer exist. Maybe they weren't considered important enough to archive and only the odd example or off-air recordings remain. The quality of that Lola Falana one looks like a domestic recording to my eyes.
  18. SeanC

    New UK DVD releases

    The four discs are held ( very tightly, I might add ) in an attractive fold-out package contained within a slipcase. Cover art seems to be pretty much identical to the US set, aside from the addition of the British & Irish certs and the words '4 Disc DVD' to the right of the Doozers. The panels...
  19. SeanC

    Behind the scenes Muppets From Space photos

    Lovely collection of photos! I particularly like the one of the young kid happy to see Bean Bunny.
  20. SeanC

    Your Favorite Background Character

    A lot of my Muppet fascination tends to swing towards background or rarely used characters. Not sure why this is - maybe said characters' lack of screentime makes their appearances all the more special. It's wonderful that such detail and care was put into even minor characters, something that...