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Search results

  1. simon42

    Would you guys help me out?

    Okay, this is totally not muppet related BUT I am a big Survivor fan and there is currently a poll underway for who we would like to see on Survivor All-Stars? Would you all be so kind as to go to that poll and vote Rob. It's at www.survivornews.net and is on the right hand side of the screen...
  2. simon42

    Pre-ToyFair Pics???

    My understanding was that club members would see pics of the new stuff (or at least some of it) prior to Toy Fair. As Toy Fair is very very close, can we still expect to see some sneak peeks? Thanks
  3. simon42

    Customizing Questions

    I'm thinking of doing some customizing this weekend and had a couple of questions: 1) What is the best paint to use, and 2) How do I remove existing paint? Thanks so much!!
  4. simon42

    Series 4-7 Released!!!

    This was posted on another thread, but apparently ToyFare lists the upcoming series for next year: Series 4 (spring) Rizzo Dr. Julius Strangepork Link Hogthrob Samuel Arrow Playset: Pigs in Space with first mate piggy Mega: Animal Series 5 (summer) Gonzo in purple suit...
  5. simon42

    Shouldn't the FAQ be updated?

    You should definitely change the part about the lobsters coming with the Chef set. I'm sure there are other provisions that need updating as well. Thanks so much for providing these, they are very helpful.
  6. simon42

    Muppet Busts??

    Are these out yet? Any ETA for when they will be??
  7. simon42

    Anyone know where I can get these muppet pics??

    I recently bought the Best of the Muppet Show volume 1 and 2. Before each show, they have these great muppet pics -- one is of electric mayhem and one has Piggy in white. Any clue where one could get those?
  8. simon42

    Poll: Which, yet to be released, figure are you most anticipating??

    For me it's Janice hands down, followed by Link Hogthrob.
  9. simon42

    WTB: Piggy doll wearing 1950s outfit

    She's got curly blonde hair and is wearing a poodle skirt, only it has a pic of kermit instead of a poodle. Also does anyone know where I can find pics of the different piggy dolls?
  10. simon42

    I switched Piggy heads!!

    I really like the EB Piggy but not the regular Piggy. However, I feel the regular Piggy has a more original costume. I only remember Piggy ever wearing her purple dress unless in a specific skit that required otherwise (i.e. Pigs in Space). So...I finally got the courage to swap the heads on...
  11. simon42

    Schedules, where are they??

    You guys keep talking about the official schedule of what's coming out when. Where do you find these official schedules?
  12. simon42

    Question on Pigs in Space

    I know that Julius Strangepork is scheduled for the 4th series. However, I've seen differing reports as to whether the pigs in space playset includes Miss Piggy or Link Hogthrob. What's the official word? Also, might we see another Miss Piggy as I didn't really like the first one? Thanks!