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  1. BlakeConor14

    Splash Mountain to be rethemed to a Princess And The Frog attraction

    Well as disappointing as it is too loose the ever popular Splash Mountain, I’m not shocked at all. A ride with roots of racism due to the film it is based on, it was only going to be a matter of When not if the ride was rethemed to something else. The ride is also 30 years old and is based on...
  2. BlakeConor14

    Video: “Muppets Now” Official Trailer

    ITS HERE!!! And did I just see Aubrey Plaza in that trailer???!!!!!
  3. BlakeConor14

    Justice League: The Snyder Cut- to officially debut on HBO MAX 2021

    It’s Happening!!! #releasetheSnydercut
  4. BlakeConor14

    "Space Jam: A New Legacy" in development for July 16, 2021 release

    The official title has been revealed for Space Jam 2!!!! I honestly can’t wait for this movie
  5. BlakeConor14

    This forum is in big trouble

    As I’ve mentioned on another thread This Forum is lifeless It is a shell of its former self from three years ago and way off what It was when I joined five years ago. Yes I understand the muppets haven’t done much but that shouldn’t stop things from becoming boring here Phillip obviously...
  6. BlakeConor14

    April Fools: UK puppetry pilot to be given the green light by the BBC

    The BBC have announced today the shows that they currently have in development and that includes one puppetry show from one of your very own MC members That’s right folks after 5 years in development, my show Employees will be given the green light by the BBC. The show is a mockumentary about...
  7. BlakeConor14

    April Fools: The Office Season 10 Announced

    It’s been announced this morning that The Office will return for a 10th and one off season of the show. The show recently celebrated it’s 15th anniversary and NBC decided what better way to celebrate it than by checking back in with the Dunder Mifflin crew. However some fans may be disappointed...
  8. BlakeConor14

    April Fools: Muppets series announced for Disney+ for late 2021, early 2022

    Disney have announced today that a series staring The Muppets will be premiering exclusively on Disney + in late 2021 or early 2022 at the latest According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ president Ricky Strauss has said “The Muppets are still a very big part of the family here at Disney...
  9. BlakeConor14

    Tau Bennett interview!

    Hi guys,(I know I’ve left but this is cool so i thought I’d share) Back in January I was lucky enough to be able to interview Sesame Street performer,Tau Bennett for my media sound project. We spoke about everything from his friendship with Kevin Clash to working on Sesame Street and seeing...
  10. BlakeConor14

    Bear on the MDA Telethon 2004

    This is such a nice video And this just further emphasis that bear was such a warm, kind and gentle caregiver and is a true symbol of what a good person (or bear) is This is a show that has never been replaced and sadly probably never will in terms of it’s gentle and warm nature The goodbye...
  11. BlakeConor14

    Please can you all follow my puppeteer instagram account

    Hey guys I’ve recently created an Instagram page dedicated to my puppetry, I will be posting videos and images to showcase my skills please if you’re on Instagram can you give me a follow Thanks
  12. BlakeConor14

    What are your New Years resolutions?

    Just been thinking about my resolutions for next year and wondering what you guys are planning my resolutions: •Join and go to the gym regularly- I said this at the start of this year and never even signed up • When I join the gym, stick to this plan...
  13. BlakeConor14

    The Happytime Murders deleted scenes

    I stumbled across the deleted scenes from the Happytime murders and why were any of them cut they all add so much more depth to the story and I got some genuine laughs from these scenes. There’s also a Kevin Clash cameo in there for us to enjoy my best bet is that they were cut by the studio...
  14. BlakeConor14

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer released

    Cannot wait for this
  15. BlakeConor14

    My Marmite Ad- Media Project November 2019

    Guys I finished my ad project and it’s been uploaded onto YouTube. If you guys could check it out and then tell me what you think I’d really appreciate it
  16. BlakeConor14

    HENSON: Bein’ Green Opening Titles Media Project

    For my Media Lvl Tv and Film Course we had to create an opening titles sequence for a film that we had to makeup. I chose to do a Henson biopic and after 4 long weeks of making and editing it is finally finished. Please enjoy it and leave a like and a comment that would really be appreciated...
  17. BlakeConor14

    Cameron Boyce dies aged 20

    Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce has died aged 20 in his sleep Cameron was known for his roles on the Disney series Jessie and the Disney original movies Decendants. As well as staring in the grown ups movies He sadly passed away in his sleep due to an ongoing medical condition which he...
  18. BlakeConor14

    Who wants my Muppet sweetheart back on TV?

    Serious question @DrVanneuter20 ... Would you do Van Neuter up the jaxy with a strap-on? Or is that too far 😂😂
  19. BlakeConor14

    Video: The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Teaser Trailer

    Looks absolutely stunning. Jim would be proud!
  20. BlakeConor14

    Rumour: Muppet Shorts Coming to Disney+

    According to Disinsider, New Muppet variety shorts that are unscripted will begin filming in June. Each show will be around 3 different segments based around a cooking show, a game show and a late night show Each episode will be no more than 10 minutes long...