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Search results

  1. ISNorden

    "Little Letter M" fanspoof: not a bad idea!

    After someone brought up the "Mumford and Sons" idea (in a thread about Season 41), I took a look at the original lyrics for "Little Lion Man" and started knocking them around in my head. Even replacing the swearword in the chorus is easier than it looked at first; "messed up" or "mixed up"...
  2. ISNorden

    Belated anniversary filk: "40 Years on the Air"

    "40 Years on the Air" by Ingeborg S. Nordén Based on an original performed by Jerry Nelson [Spoken as director's slate claps:] "Lights, camera, action!" [Sung from here on:] One year, two years, three The moms watch along on TV Four, five, six A new Gordon joins in the mix Seven, eight, nine...
  3. ISNorden

    Lost some episodes after computer problems, help needed!

    A little over a week ago, my external hard drive (where I kept my entire collection of classic Sesame Street episodes) stopped functioning. I've been able to recover most of that collection thanks to a close friend, but am still missing three more episodes if I remember correctly: #2558...
  4. ISNorden

    40th Anniversary song parody: help needed

    The other day it occurred to me that someone should spoof the song "40 Blocks from My Home" to do a rough timeline of Sesame Street's development. Here's what I have so far... "40 Years on the Air" by Ingeborg S. Nordén Based on an original performed by Jerry Nelson [Spoken as director's...
  5. ISNorden

    Since a whole season is too much...

    A lot of fans have wished that entire seasons of Sesame Street's "classic" years were available on DVD. Of course, the length of an older season (130 episodes!) makes that impractical with today's costs and technology. The complete-season boxed sets that I've seen for commercial TV shows (like...
  6. ISNorden

    Deadly Nightshade on the show?

    A friend of mine on YouTube wrote to ask whether anyone else remembers a folk band called Deadly Nightshade appearing on Sesame Street during the 80s or 90s. If you do, do any of you have clips of those appearances? (My friend mentioned that they performed a version of the "Old McDonald" song on...
  7. ISNorden

    Looking for Season 38 episode

    I've been trying to track down a video file of a recent episode (#4148), because it includes a classic Big Bird clip I hadn't seen in over ten years. Unfortunately, the only copies I've been able to locate were part of huge BitTorrent files--multi-episode collections that would literally take...
  8. ISNorden

    Maria's trip to Puerto Rico: the other episodes?

    I recently traded a copy of #1316 to one of my online friends, explaining that it was the only part of Maria's trip that made it into Sesame Street Unpaved. He was curious about the rest of the story, and wondered whether anybody here has the other Puerto Rico episodes from the time they...
  9. ISNorden

    Help needed placing these old episodes

    A friend recently mailed me a home-burned DVD with two classic episodes of Sesame Street; both apparently aired in the late 80s/early 90s, but they're missing part of the opening theme (which means no episode numbers). Does anyone out there have the numbers for these, or could they track down...
  10. ISNorden

    Desperately seeking Spanish "O" clip

    No, not the one with Olga and her ocho ostras en una olla de oro (eight oysters in a golden pot), though that one was a favorite of mine too... The clip I'm looking for also dates from the early 70s, and may have been animated by whoever did the "Olga" cartoon. It begins with a man riding an...
  11. ISNorden

    In Memoriam: Nona Beamer (1924-2008)

    "Auntie Nona" Beamer, who appeared in the Hawaiian trip episodes from the late 1970s, died yesterday at age 84. Even though I have no personal ties to the family or to Hawaii, I still remember her performance on Sesame Street fondly--and plan to post a few clips in her memory. God bless you, Nona!
  12. ISNorden

    To any fans with YouTube accounts: Special project help needed!

    I'm working on a special "revenge video" parody for YouTubers who've been spammed/insulted for being Sesame Street fans. (I originally posted a bulletin from my channel, but realized that there are probably a lot of fans I haven't met over there yet!) Basically, this is what I have in mind...
  13. ISNorden

    Top 5 Sesame Street one-liners

    What one-line quotes from Sesame Street do you consider most memorable? Here are my top five picks (all from clips/episodes I've actually seen, so my list probably differs from yours): 5. "A nickel?...SHHH....Riiight!" 4. "You ate the sandbox? How did it taste, Bert? *teeheehee*" 3. "I...
  14. ISNorden

    Custom DVDs from Sesame Workshop: can anyone confirm?

    A month or two ago, I dimly recall reading that Sesame Workshop is willing to do customized DVDs with up to ten video clips (at $5 per clip). They don't advertise this offer on their website, but someone on the inside mentioned that it's been done. Could the qualified folks out there confirm...
  15. ISNorden

    Happy Birthday to Sesame Street!

    As of an hour ago, Sesame Street is 39 years old. Now if only I could find the perfect clip to post on YouTube in honor of the occasion; it's a shame this computer can't read DVDs. or I'd add some Old School openers from my new disc set.
  16. ISNorden

    Old School DVD set ideas

    So far, both of the Old School sets have shown only the season premieres in full--which may be OK for a general overview of Sesame Street's history, but doesn't say much about some of the "milestones" that happened between premieres. If I'd been in charge of the Old School project, I'd have put...
  17. ISNorden

    Now open on Stage 6: Channel 123!

    Unless the DivX site owners decide to crack down as aggressively as YouTube, I finally found a permanent home for the Sesame Street Fan Club's video-clip channel: http://stage6.divx.com/Channel-123 It has only a few clips so far, but anyone with an account is welcome to upload more Sesame...
  18. ISNorden

    Elmo's World: Hugging!

    [Standard opening animation and music for EW episodes...] ELMO: Hi! Welcome to Elmo's World!...Elmo's so happy to see you, and so is Dorothy...[turns to DOROTHY's fishbowl] Say hello, Dorothy!... Guess what Elmo is thinking about today? [Standard kazoo fanfare plays, then ELMO's doorbell...
  19. ISNorden

    New blog for fans of classic Sesame Street

    If you'd like reading/commenting in a blog like this, have I got a link for you! :) "A place to share memories, clips, and other great stuff related to 'Old School" Sesame Street. (If Jim Henson died before you were born; if 'Elmo's World' has always been part of the show you remember; or...
  20. ISNorden

    Classic SS clip archive updated!

    I've just updated my archive of classic Sesame Street clips on the web tonight. Most of them aren't 100 percent ready for YouTube yet (*cough* logo replacement *cough*), but I'd be glad to give you a sneak preview. So far, these are the episodes that I have "best of" files for: #1, #8, #43...