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Search results

  1. Java

    The Great Adventure

    I was just going to post and not say anything about being back but I feel that that isn't fair and would look too much like the last few times I've come back and then let time slip away until its been way to long between postings again. The truth is I miss this. I miss being here and I've let...
  2. Java

    Kermit on Dick Clark's New Years Special

    Kermit was just on Dick Clarks Primetime ... New Years (you get the picture, I can't remember the name). He said something along the lines of wishing everyone a good and green 2008. Then he said "If your already starting to feel green I think it's time to switch from Champagne to Ginger...
  3. Java

    The Writer's Strike

    So, I've been hearing about the strike that has now started with the writers and how it will delay any new projects and the networks will run out of new shows and have to rely on reruns as soon as the scripts they have have been shown if the strike lasts long enough (and I think it certainly...
  4. Java

    Any other crafters out there?

    I'm just in an inqusitive mood tonight and was wondering who else in our little corner of this world is a "crafter" you know knit, crochet, work with beads, clay, scrapbook or anything else. I am primarily a crocheter and knitter. After that I dabble with scrapbooking, polymer clay, mini-bead...
  5. Java

    Who has a Blog?

    So, I'm looking for more reading material just because I think it's fun and was wondering who all keeps a blog that they update and are willing to share with the rest of us. You can get to mine from my signature but I'll also list it here: http://mysharingspace.blogspot.com Anyone else out there?
  6. Java

    Advice for writing humor?

    Okay, I need to know, who has good advice on writing humor? It's just not my forte and I'm struggling... seriously. I think it's the fact that I'm such a serious person (ask my husband it's like pulling teeth to get me to sit through something comedic that he watches) but there's got to be a...
  7. Java


    Did the Muppets ever do John Lennon's Imagine? I say they didn't but I have family members trying to tell me otherwise.
  8. Java

    Big Bird Roller Skating

    I'm sorry if this can be found elsewhere in the message boards, but my searches are coming up ineffective. Does anyone remember Big Bird singing a song about roller skating (while doing that of course) and at one point spinning around and there being a close up on his feet. (I'm really...
  9. Java

    America's Funniest Home Videos

    Hey guys, According to my direct tv WGN will be replaying an America's Funniest Home Videos that featured the Muppets at 7pm Eastern and 1am Eastern. I have to work so I'll be recording it but just wanted to give the heads up to anyone else who maybe able to catch it.
  10. Java


    Was Jim also a ventriloquist. It seems that when I'm watching clips of interviews of Jim with Kermit at the same time and they include both of them on the screen together he works very hard and throwing his voice to keep the appearance up. Is this true or is it that they are just on screen so...
  11. Java

    Reflections in Foam

    Hi everyone! I thought that while I iron out my issues I'm having with The Great Desire that I would share with you the piece I've been working on in my absence from here. I do want to add a side note before posting the prologue and the first chapter tonight (it's taking me forever to type...
  12. Java

    The Great Desire

    So, here I am to abuse you all with what may be construed as a semi-ushy gushy fan fic. I couldn't wait to start it because I really want to see what you all think about it. And I know you're going to get mad at me because I am messing with a staple of the Muppets. I can't help it though...
  13. Java


    Okay guys, I have questions about titles to your stories. How do you come up with them? Do you start with a title? Do you usually end up changing it? How much planning do you put into them? Ever want to change the title in the middle of the story? In short, what goes into your titles? I'm...
  14. Java


    I had to take a break from Breaking Back In so I wrote this little story today. This is all there is to it but I want to explain some before you see it. I was eight when Jim Henson died and I knew that it would change everything. Actually at the time I thought it would be the end of the...
  15. Java

    Help with "research"

    Okay, I'm trying to get things right for my reunion special in Breaking Back In and have managed to come up with questions during my quiet down time periods at work when my babies were behaving themselves and not trying to get sick. Here goes: Have Statler and Waldorf ever done a skit or song...
  16. Java

    Does someone know

    What the name of the music is in the background of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgUnYzXU-Fo I am assuming that this is from an Elmo video but really don't know for sure. I know Andrea has sung the actual version of this song to and would love to listen to it, but I don't know the...
  17. Java

    Dave Goelz Birthday Banner

    I enjoyed the Dave Goelz Birthday Banner this morning. From left to right it includes Digit, Zoot, Bunsen, Gonzo, the muppet central logo with Celebrating Dave Goelz over it, Dave, Boober, Sir Didymus, and Beauregard. Looks good!
  18. Java

    Steve Whitmire's Ernie

    I just finished watching the 25th anniversary DVD for Sesame Street (the music one) and was wondering when did Steve Whitmire take over Ernie? What prompts this question is that I started bawling at the end during Sing when it cut to Ernie and Bert and only Bert was singing. Ernie was just...
  19. Java

    Oscar on Martha's show

    I periodically search the work Muppet in my direct TV guide and today when I did it came up that an airing of Martha Stewart's show on Monday July 10 will have Oscar the Grouch on it. This could be a repeat but I haven't been able to find anything about it in the forum yet so... Maybe it's...
  20. Java

    Breaking Back In

    So, this is the fan fiction I am working on, I hope you all enjoy it. I'm going to go ahead and post the prologue and chapter 1. I should have the next chapter to post before midnight tonight. After I finish posting these two though, I have to head downtown for a little bit. Later!