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Search results

  1. Salmoto

    Chat room?

    Hey, is there ny chance a great cluster of you meet in an online chat to discuss Muppets? It'd be great to get together that way.
  2. Salmoto

    Electric Mayhem collection updates

    I jsut got the Zoot figure at the EB today. Once again , they only had the so-called rare, red shirted Zoot, which I immediately took out of the package, same as I did with my blue uniform Floyd. It's a shame, but, as far as avaliability goes, the alternate characters have to substitute for the...
  3. Salmoto

    Whatnot Howard

    when I saw MCM, I was sure I'd seen Howard the Pig in a muppet production before, now after I looked through scarecroe's site, I know where he came from. Howard was designed for a Odyssey PSA concerning the use of V-chips in TVs to prevent children. In the PSA, Kermit gets trampled by 3 pigs...
  4. Salmoto

    Carroll Spinney

    Have we ever seen him outside of the Big Bird Costume? I was watching Sesame Street the other day, and it occurs to me I have no idea what he looks like. I have no idea what Eric Jacobson looks like either, but I am not inclined to worry about that yet.
  5. Salmoto

    Bill Baretta Appreciation Thread

    We talk a whole lot about other Muppet Performers, but there hasn't been much said about their next-to-newest performer, Bill Baretta. Bill is, in my opinion, an asset to the JHC. He is candid, funny, and brings an undeniably wonderful energy to all his characters. Pepe is just a rod puppet but...
  6. Salmoto

    Basil Hears a Noise

    Anyone remember this TV special? Basil was a polar bear who was camping with his friends when he heard spooky noises outside. One of his friends tried to coax him to sleep by telling him a story about a brave shepherd who's job it was to slay a dragon, and Basil imagined himself as said...
  7. Salmoto

    Collecting the Mayhem Band.

    Since the announcement was made that Palisades was making Muppet action figures, I knew that in my heart I had to make a collection, but I also decided, I'm not going to collect them all, just a certain few, specifically the Electric Mayhem figures. Series 1 only had one member: Dr. Teeth. I...
  8. Salmoto

    Edgier Muppets?

    After reading an article in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, I'm a little apprehensive about watching the new Muppet TV movie on NBC. THe article says the movie was co-written by Simpsons writer Tom Martin and directed by Kirk Thatcher, who wrote Muppet Treasure Island. The rearranging...
  9. Salmoto

    Kermit/Whitmire assaulted by Rock Legend

    I saw on a TV special featuring the Osbournes (I don't follow the Osbourne's series, since I have my reservations about watching anything on MTV) Sharon Osbourne was discussing an incident that happened while Ozzy was attending a reception at the palace. It seems Kermit was there and decided to...
  10. Salmoto

    Kermit/Whitmire gets attacked by rock legend

    In some MTV special about the Osbournes (I can never keep track of the show since I have reservations aobut watching MTV) Sharon Osbourne discussed when the entire family went to the palace for a reception. The thing was, Kermit the Frog payed a visit as well. As sharon told the story, Kermit...
  11. Salmoto

    Best Muppet DVD

    It may finally happen: I may get a DVD Player, and being the rapidly growing Muppet fan that I am, I want to make my first film purchase a Muppety one. So, let's see: TMTM is in a cereal box, so no worries there, My favorite movie is the original Muppet Movie, but, um, the description online...
  12. Salmoto

    Which Muppet could you perform?

    Okay.....let's say the JHC came knocking on your door asked you to substitute for a muppet performer. You could pick any muppet you wanted and put on an impromptu show with him. The trick is not to play any Muppet you want, but the muppet who you can do the best job with. Who is that muppet for...
  13. Salmoto

    Muppets Tonight Melodrama. A Scene

    Writing scenes is something I can get into more than writing show outlines. Here's one for Muppets Tonight. Rizzo: Okay, it's time to set up for the big melodrama act. Clifford: Terrific, who do we got to play the damsel in distress? Rizzo: Um....nobody.... Clifford: Okay, how about the...
  14. Salmoto

    You don't Know Kermit!

    Here's a couple trivia questions from "You Don't Know Jack" 5th dimensia which ask the tough questions about the muppets. "Which Muppet Never has to wash behind his ears?" Beaker, since he has no ears, probably out of him being a test tube baby. and "Which muppet was taught never to...
  15. Salmoto

    Making Muppets from actors

    Ok, we've made several posts about turning Muppets into character actors, now, what if you could turn a character actor into a Muppet? Who would it be and why? I would like to make Martin Short into a Muppet. Ed Grimely muppet would be so cute, even though they did a similar skit in MT.
  16. Salmoto

    Clifford's entourage

    What if Clifford was fallowed around by a group of Muppets that depsrately wanted to be as hip as he is. Who would they be? As I'm writing this, i was thinking Pepe, Mo Frackle, Goggles and Bobo. I know they're all new guys, but what member of the older group could possibly use hip lessons? Eh? Eh?
  17. Salmoto

    Robin's teen years?

    My last posted subject was about how in recent times, Kermit hs become more moral and preachy than what his original character commanded. What I should have done is added in a little something about Robin. Robin's only voicelines recently have been one line in "Muppets from Space," and the...
  18. Salmoto

    Kermit too nice....

    Is it me or has Kermit become too moral and preachy over the past few years? It always seems that when he's not panicking or grimmacing over the antics of others he spouts something like "You know what you are, distinct." and "It's always good to be with your friends at times like this."
  19. Salmoto

    Denny's Muppet Giveaways?

    I thought that Dennys would be giving out Muppet Dolls as part of ther promotion. Is there any news on it whether they changed their mind or not, because I really need a stuffed Kermit, even a little one. :(
  20. Salmoto

    Character from MTI

    I'm trying to find a name for a character from "Muppet Treasue Island" he was red with antennae, 6 arms, and a french accent. Gonzo stuck him to the side of the ship using starfish. I believe he could be a pre-inspired Pepem either him or the spider from MCC.