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Search results

  1. Lorde Pompeo

    DVD Screen Captures

    In the DVD Review Section of this site, most of the DVD Reviews have Screen Captures from the actual DVDs... My question is: how do you guys grab those images, I have tried PRINT SCREEN and some programs but none worked so far... Thank You!
  2. Lorde Pompeo

    The Rainbow Connection

    "One day we will find it" This song is one of the most powerfull things I have ever heard, in terms of music - the melody is amazing and the lyrics even better! In a time where society has turned people into consumers and desires/feelings/dreams have been turned into...
  3. Lorde Pompeo

    Muppets MP3

    Hi! I have been watching the Carol Brunett Episode of The Muppet Show (The Dance Marathon Episode) and during the Pigs In Space segment, Dr. Julius Strangepork and Link dance together to the sound of a version of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree"... I fell in love with that...
  4. Lorde Pompeo

    Jim Henson Hour

    Hi! Here where I live (Portugal) the only Henson shows that have been broadcasted were TMS, SS and Fraggle Rock, but I keep watching you guys talk about Jim Henson Hour... What show was this? How was it? Which Muppets appeared on it? Can you give me some information about that show...
  5. Lorde Pompeo

    I need help with finding Palisades Series 1 Muppets...

    I know... I know... I should have already bought the entire Series 1 Action Figures of the Palisades Muppet Line... The thing is - I only have Piggy and Dr. Teeth... BUT it seems that things are changing for me... My mother got a boyfriend with a credit card :D I searched everywhere but I...
  6. Lorde Pompeo

    New movie...

    Although it is ilegal and I do NOT aprrove it, does anyone know if a IAVMMCM mpeg or divx file is available for download in Kazaa? I do not aproove it!!! :)
  7. Lorde Pompeo

    Uncle Deadly's House of Badness

    I read an article in the Internet that mentioned "Uncle Deadly House of Badness" as a Muppet show for the 8-12 years old kids... The article was not about that show so I wanted to know more about it... Has any of you ever heard about it? Can you tell me what it is? Thank you!
  8. Lorde Pompeo

    I Have Them!

    I am proud to announce that I, Lorde Pompeo, am proudly holding in my hands the following figures: - Miss Piggy - Dr. Teeth - Miss Piggy with Long Hair It was a friend of my mother who got them for me and they are even better than what I would have thought... Dr. Teeth is just perfect...
  9. Lorde Pompeo

    The Sims Expansion Pack: Muppetized

    I didn't know where to put this... If it is in the wrong place feel free to move it... I came back from vacation at last (not that you have noticed my absence for the last month) and I had a strange idea when I was playing The Sims... How cool would it be to have the Muppets in The Sims...
  10. Lorde Pompeo

    Rats... in Space?

    On Muppet Family Christmas, Kermit stated that the Muppets always carry around rats and chickens... Besides Rizzo, there are many more rats which had names: - The Rats from Muppets Take Mahn... Manha... New York - The Rats from Muppets from Space Do you know their names? Were they the...
  11. Lorde Pompeo

    MuppetCentral becoming a partner with Palisades!

    I was thinking... Since Christmas is almost here and people will start being good to eachother and all I had an idea... To show that the heads behind Palisades have a nice heart too, why doesn't Palisades offer some figures, playsets and exclusives to MuppetCentral and then MuppetCentral...
  12. Lorde Pompeo

    Pigs in Space!

    Hi... In the Muppet Show what were the exact words the announcer used to introduced the Pigs in Space sketch? And now: PIGS IN SPACE! Featuring the ??? Captain Link Hogthrob, the ??? First Mate Miss Piggy and the ??? Dr. Strangepork! In Muppets Tonight, what was really the name of the...
  13. Lorde Pompeo

    Muppet Monster Adventure

    I'm sorry... I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I have to put it somewhere... I have completed my MMA Game but in the level Croak Lahoma, if you pause the game and access the option Inventory, next to the Gold Thingy Symbol it appears 30/31 although the level is 100%...
  14. Lorde Pompeo

    Camilla, the Chicken

    Hello... Through all the Muppet movies Camilla, the Chicken (Gonzo's girlfriend) hasn't said anything but "bock bock"... However, I was watching a movie I have and there's a sketch with pigs singing "Lullaby of Broadway" and in the end a chicken who seems to be Camilla (she is the only...
  15. Lorde Pompeo


    Hi... Tonight I had nothing else to do so I decided to put my Muppet Monster Adventure game disk in my PC and I was able to extract the "I will survive" song that Robin sings in the game... So, I decided to do the same with my Muppet Racemania game disk... But I couldn't get anything...
  16. Lorde Pompeo

    Question about production of Muppet Action Figures...

    Hi! I would like to know something: why are figures like VC Beaker or Invisible Beaker produced in such a short number since they are always the most wanted? Wouldn't Palisade get more money and wouldn't fans be more pleased if such Figures were produced like regular Figures? Or maybe...
  17. Lorde Pompeo

    Some doubts...

    Is it just me or Bobo, the Bear makes an appearence in The Muppets Take Manhatan (how do you spell this?)? He is one of the bears that enter the church during the final song and if I'm not mistaken he is dressed has a she-bear... Am I right? In Muppet Treasure Island, the fat lady who...
  18. Lorde Pompeo

    Young fan needing help...

    Hi... I have never watched The Muppet Show, I only saw the movies and some other specials that were released on tape, but I am still a Muppet Fan! However, I have a problem... You guys are experts and have watched the show and so you know many Muppets that I don't know or maybe I do know...