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Search results

  1. unclematt

    Anybody Remember Me?

    Hi, I am unclematt and I used to be very active on here but was gone for quite awhile. I thought I would check out what was going on with the new movie coming out. Just wondering if anybody remember me. Let me know.
  2. unclematt

    Don't call it a comeback

    Hello everyone in my MC family, I am returning from my sabatical and plan on being active in the forums once again, at least for a while. Just wanted to let everyone know that I missed them but unfortunately life caught up with me. Hopefully, I will be able to work MC into that life...
  3. unclematt

    Most Touching Muppet Moments

    I was just watching The Muppet Christmas Carol and a certain scene in the movie made me want to start this thread. At the end of the movie where Scrooge gives his donation to Bunsen and Beeker, Bunsen says thank you I just wish we had something to give you, at which beeker takes off his...
  4. unclematt

    Dinosaur Train preview on-line

    Just watched a full episode of Dinosaur Train on PBS kids and was very impressed. I think we have another winner on our hands. The Henson company continues to do us proud. Check it out and post your opinions. http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/videos/index.html
  5. unclematt

    The Muppet Movie on the Big Screen

    First, let me apologize for my absence but with my new job I do not have the time like I once did to be chatting on the MC forums but I will forever make it a priority when I get a free moment. Like now. Second, my best friend Amanda, took me to an early Christmas present and we went to see...
  6. unclematt

    Weight Loss Journey

    Hello all, I have been avctively losing weight since January 8th 2008. I am getting close to that point where it becomes hard to lose so I decided that I could set up another line of support with my MC family. I also thought if other people are trying to lose weight this would be a good...
  7. unclematt

    Muppety Christmas Gifts

    I want to hear about your favorite Muppet related Christmas Gifts. The best one I recieved was a T-shirt with Muppety eyes that says "I appreciate the Muppets on a much deeper level than you." I love it. By far the best Christmas gift I recieved.
  8. unclematt

    Happy 5 Year Anniversary Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie, I dont know if you realized it but I did. Today marks your 5th Anniversary of becoming a member. Congrats. I hope you are with us for another 50. What a wonderful milestone.:) :D :excited:
  9. unclematt

    Who are the Famous people?

    Does anyone know the MC screen names of any of the Muppeteers or any other notables that have been a part of the MC forums?
  10. unclematt

    Muppet Central Couples

    Have any couples ever met through the Muppet central forums? I thought it would be neat to hear there stories if they are out there. Maybe we even have some current couples right now.:flirt:
  11. unclematt

    Britney and K-Fed Divorce

    I guess I just want to know what people think.
  12. unclematt

    Full Body Muppets

    I was watching The Great Muppet Caper last night and realized that while Pops is driving the double decker bus it is some one in a full body pops suit driving. You can tell because he is way bigger than both Kermit and Piggy. I know that a full body Piggy was used for The Muppets Take Manhattan...
  13. unclematt

    I am back!!!

    Hello everyone at Muppet Central. I have missed you all and am glad to be announcing my return to the forums. I had a very busy last couple of months and thought the time was right to take a break and concentrate on some new things in my life. I am back and am so looking forward to catching up...
  14. unclematt

    Member List Question

    On the Members List page under the Last Visit category it sometimes says N/A. What would cause this to happen?
  15. unclematt

    1000th Post & Senior Membership

    This is my 1000th post. I am so excited to become a Senior Member. Now I really feel like part of the Muppet Central Forum family. Thank you everyone for all of your support. I love this place.
  16. unclematt

    Where are they now?

    I wonder what ever happened to HPDJ? :confused: He hasnt been active for more than two months.
  17. unclematt

    Changing Fozzie?

    Maybe this is just me but after watching Season 1 of TMS I really think that the wiggling ears added something to Fozzie. Does anybody else agree or diagree with me. think maybe they should have kept that.
  18. unclematt

    New MC benchmark for me!!!

    I have made it into the top 100 posters of all time. :D I guess this also gives me the opportunity to thank everyone at MC. I know I have sid this before but I dont think I say it often enough. This is a great Forum. I feel like I have met a new family that was more than willing to take me into...
  19. unclematt

    Returned from Vacation!!!

    Iam back from the Nortern Woods of Minnesota andI am looking forward to catching up with all of you about the wonderful Muppet World.
  20. unclematt


    This is my 500th post. I am so happy!!! :excited: :) :D