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  1. D

    Just call me Mr. Johnson

    This really happened - okay, not exactly, but after having a dryer delivery postponed 4 times (and finally cancelling and getting a new one somewhere else) due to manufacturer not shipping anything, I told people it was beginning to feel like Mr. Johnson, the fat blue muppet whom Grover always...
  2. D

    The new Sesame Street - a parody

    This new 30-min. Sesame Street on HBO :) (Murray walks up to kid): What’s the word on the street? (Kid whispers in his ear, Murray looks back): I’m not saying that word! (Theme song) Big Bird: Hi, welcome to Ses- Oscar: Scram BB: That wasn’t very nice. O: I know, but I had to interrupt you so...
  3. D

    What Halloween costumes are people in your neighborhood dressing up as?

    I'm curious what costimes people are seeing if you have trick-or-treaters in your area. We have few in ours but my church had a blowout - people set up tables and decorated them and kids could go through and we hade a lot for over 2 hours! I saw a few Elmo costumes and even a couple Elmo...
  4. D

    Experiences with "I'll Miss You, Mr. Hooper"

    Maybe I should have waited for the offseson, but with new eipsides only once a week I thought this topic, which i pondered recently, would make a good one for discussion. What are your first memories of thsi classic episode? I was 14 when it airedso a bit old, though I seem to recall hearing...
  5. D

    Sesame Street in a unique fictional world

    Big Bird walks onto the set of the reader's imaginations as he joins the rest of the cast. "Oh, hi, welcome to this thread. We weren't sure where it fit, but we figured fan fiction was best." Three people in 1780s outfits walk up to them. "And you can even play along." "Hello, Mr. Bird,"...
  6. D

    Try, Try Again (or, how Hero Guy could hve been a great segment)

    Apologies if this belogns in fan fiction, but the '00s seem to nto qutie be classic according to board definitions. Anyway... In the ratigns of segments, I commented on how I thought Hero Guy had elemnnts that could have made for a great segment if they hadn't put it into such a little box; I...
  7. D

    The Sesame Street baseball team

    Continuingthe theme I mentioned in my reviews - I hadn't seen all the segments noted, or at least not muore than 1-2 times. But, I thought a look at the Muppets themselves would be fun - and hopefully funny. (We need something to remind of us of summer in the northeastern 1/4 of the U.S.) Big...
  8. D

    Parody - When the budget really gets bad

    I haven't seen it yet this year, and thugh a couple street scenes sound interesting I probably won't. Still, reading of still more reused stuff and cbudget cuts brought to mind this little parody idea: Word on the street: Donation Murray Monster opening: Murray walks on real street...
  9. D

    Our own creative endeavors

    My apologies in advance if this is inappropriate - however, since I'm encouraging others to post and make this a thread for all of our works, I think it should be all right. I've mentioned a time or two that I have put stuff up at fanfiction.net, as well. I've now published 2 books on...
  10. D

    Do you think of Sesame Street as a real street?

    Mods, feel free to move this...I really had no clue which forum this worked best in... Hmmm, unless I'm missing it, there doesn't seem to be a way to poll (I could be, with my visiojn) but that's okay, it's an interesting thing to discuss. this is basically a poll for those who consider them...
  11. D

    Sesame Street crossover - continue if you want

    A friend and I pondered a FullHouse/Sesame Street crossover...oh, 4 years ago now, maybe 5. That friend had quite a few other things clog her life and forgot about it, and I ran out of ideas and found myself going back to school for a Masters in another field from my one then, so it never got...
  12. D

    SS - The True Story of the old lady who swallowed a fly

    Sorry ths is so late, but I finally found the promised skit – Sesame Street theater presents the real story behind the “Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly”: Ernie held one end of his stethoscope in his hands while thinking. He was so glad to be working at the clinic - even as a simple medical...
  13. D

    How long did it take Caroll Spinney to learn to skate as Big Bird

    Is he a good skater normally on roller skates? Does anyone know? I can't balance well at all, and barely did more than stand the time I tried to roller skate - and I could hardly do that on the hardwood skate floor, only on carpet. Even if he could skate well, though, it would take him a good...
  14. D

    Bert & ernie Met in College (plus 5 W's and an H)

    We’ve got a great story about Sesame Street and its beginnings on here - but I wnted to share my own ideas on Bert and Ernie. If you’ve run out of ideas for your “in the beginning” story, whoever was doing that, feel free to use any of these ideas. This is just my own thoughts, since we know...
  15. D

    Elmos World Parody: Practical Jokes

    There’s this Daffy Duck cartoon where all sort of crazy things happen, it just keeps getting goofier, till at the very end we see Bugs Bunny was drawing it as a joke. I parodied it once w/Star Trek Voyager, which often had holodeck malfunctions (think Virtual Reality w/unlimited power) -...
  16. D

    TMS fan fiction - William Shatner (revised again)

    (Added some jokes, and other stuff, because thanks to a comment in someone else's, I *finally* know what a UK number is! I always thought it was something to do with a British act that I for some reason didn't recall. Only after that comment did I realize it was an extra couple minutes that...
  17. D

    TMS Partial idea (fill in, please)

    Sorry, it doesn’t compare, perhaps, with my Elmo’s World stuff; for which I have no more ideas. I’d like this to be a group work, really, because frankly, I can only think of certain ideas for it. I’ll give the outline and let you al fill in the rest. I was a big Star Trek fan when I was 6...
  18. D

    Elmo's World parody - "The I's Have It"

    Or...It Couled Be Worse I will again be very busy for a while, so won't be back here for a number of weeks - don't kno what number, though :-) Definitely after vaacaation to lurk , anyway; I'm anxious to see how the All-Star stuff and the beginning of SS go. But, before I go, someone said...
  19. D

    Elmo's World: Speech Pathology

    Someone said they'd like to see another EW parody, so without further ado: (Cue Elmo’s World theme: Elmo (in high, squeaky voice): Hi, welcome to Elmo’s World. Elmo’s so happy to see you. Guess what Elmo’s thinking about today. La-da-da-da! (Hears a knock)Just a minute. (He opens it, a...
  20. D

    Is Grover thinner?

    It might just be his arms, I couldn't tell for sure. But, while he's never beent he most muscular monster, seeing him as I caught a glimpse of the Global Grover segment on bathing, his arms seemed thinner than usual. Is this just what he looks like right after the puppet has been washed...