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Search results

  1. toffe

    One Shots, Parodies, & Trailers!

    i love reading these stories it keeps me going in life🥺🥺
  2. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    have some walter
  3. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

  4. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    lets just continue from where we left off
  5. toffe

    Weekend at Piggy's

    Loveing this!
  6. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    Dramatic lighting test with the pig
  7. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    Favorite hecklers
  8. toffe

    Doctor Who and the Marvelous Muppets

    Love it cant wait for the next chapter!
  9. toffe

    One-shots of sorts

    Love it! Everything seems so chill but in a muppety way
  10. toffe

    Dinner Date Disaster

    Absolutely love it!!
  11. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    Santa's Helpers Sorry for the lack of posts these back to back holidays and school is getting to me lol but there is sure to be more post next year after my birthday uwu Hope you all like it wish to be more active here Merry Christmas! 💖💕
  12. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    thank you so much!
  13. toffe

    How to keep characters in character

    Eyo peps in Toffe I'm best(or only) known for my art which I'm proud of i made this thread to ask for your opinion on how to keep the main Muppets in character I plan on making numerous comics with them in a detective crime comic series with some mild language, art by me and possibly some other...
  14. toffe

    Kermie's Girl (ushy-gushy fanfic)

    Absolutely beautiful Ru love your work
  15. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    Fair to say you shouldn't make pig jokes around this pig
  16. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    thank you!
  17. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

  18. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    scooter! (6/35)
  19. toffe

    Video: The Muppets promote Facebook Portal in "A Very Muppet Portal Launch"

    i enjoyed the ad personally kermit and piggy part at the end renewed my love for them
  20. toffe

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    Thank you!!♥️