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Search results

  1. fishbone

    foam scraps!

    Would anyone like to donate scraps of foam..The mission of Ghetto Geppeto is to promote excellence in puppetry as a theatrical art form. We provide an opportunity for people of all ages,cultures and ethnicity's to view puppet performances and enrich the community through culturally ethnic and...
  2. fishbone

    Ghetto Geppeto Productions: Attention DMV residents!

    Hi,my name is Scotty Swan of Ghetto Geppeto Productions(yeah, I know it's spelled wrong)..I'm looking for costume designers,puppeteers(or people willing to learn) people that wanna make puppets,filmmakers,circus performers or anyone that wants to make some nosie.I want to perform my show street...
  3. fishbone

    oh yeah!

    ok I saw that someone had written about Hot Fudge & it made me smile cause I knew that I didn't just make it up in my head...Ok SO DOES ANYBODY remember Gigglesnort Hotel? that was pretty bonkers! or what about Slim good Body..Today's Special? Great Space Coaster?...anybody else have...
  4. fishbone

    vee corp

    anyone ever tour for any of the shows(ss live or others) if so, what was it like..is it worth it? tell me stories..I was thinking of taking some dance classes & trying out when they come to town..maybe
  5. fishbone

    hip hop harry

    any body see this show on tlc?.not sure how old it is ..i know that david joyner played harry a few times & performed the voice for a few episodes.joyner also performed as barney. as an african american male,it's kinda cool to see others like myself that are entertaining & teaching...
  6. fishbone


    hey kids..i was thinking since alot of you helped me out in the past & for those of you just getting started,i just thought i'd share a little secret with you.if you haven't thought of this yet..but anyways..i have been doing this for a hile cause it only made sense to me..if you want a...
  7. fishbone


    is he cut outta foam like ms piggy or is he hallow? any idea where i can find a pattern?
  8. fishbone

    new show!!!

    :p yes!! it's about time we got some new crazy puppets on t.v,yes kids..i'm talkin' bout mr. meaty..google it..it's awesome..you can watch a clip on the web site...
  9. fishbone

    new show!!!

    :p yes!! it's about time we got some new crazy puppets on t.v,yes kids..i'm talkin' bout mr. meaty..google it..it's awesome..you can watch a clip on the web site...
  10. fishbone

    here we go again

    o.k so it's been a while bucan anyone remember the the link to or have a picture of the african american puppet from amrslenght..it's the same pattern as the blue guy..thanks:confused:
  11. fishbone

    sesame street is looking

    has anyone seen this post on lapuppetguild.org...female puppeteers if what they want....check it out in job postings
  12. fishbone

    Puppetry in Chicago

    just looking for other puppeteers in the area that want to start a touring troop or do some television or an established company looking for a puppeteer/ magician.
  13. fishbone


    i'm building a bush puppet & i need to know wear i can find a good source for hair...thanks
  14. fishbone

    Grey Seal Puppets

    hey kids! :) i got an email from the fellas at grey seal puppets,if you did'nt know,the got a new video or book coming out,i forget i kinda skimed through it,i mailed them asking about marionettes,but yeah...so there you go. :D
  15. fishbone

    Arms length puppets

    :rolleyes: geuss what o.k.?...pick- me puppets sells the arms length line...cheap too!!!!! & cool puppet stages.pick-me .com
  16. fishbone

    How to audition for Sesame Street in another country

    i'm wondering what one would have to do to audition for sesame st. in a diff country? :confused:
  17. fishbone

    Looking for a female puppeteer in Los Angeles

    i'm looking for a female puppeteer in the los angeles area.if you have good timing & are funny &ad lib ,good voices,& can build puppets(if not,it's cool),creative,has live & or studio exp.,then i need you..i'm putting together a couple of shows.for now they are pre-rec.,but will need someone who...
  18. fishbone

    holy smokes!!

    :) i found a great kermit puppet for 15 bucks @this place called puzzle zoo in santa monica,the body is flat but hey..... :excited:
  19. fishbone

    Doing Special Effects Yourself

    hey, i'm looking to do green/blue screen for home set up,does anyone know of any inexpensive software or how i can do it w/out software, :zany:
  20. fishbone

    Strolling Puppet Stage

    man, i'm on a roll,does any one know of a site where i can find a strolling puppet stage? :D