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Search results

  1. scarecroe

    Sketches that are only available in a foreign dub

    Hey all, Tell me what sketches you know of that have only been circulating online in a foreign dub. Meaning, the original English language version can't be found anywhere or has been considered "lost". [edited to add] Please provide proof that the segment exists in the form of a screenshot...
  2. scarecroe

    Unearthing previously "lost" Sesame Street episodes

    Hi, I'm Scott; I co-founded Muppet Wiki almost 14 years ago. In that time, we've been building the very first episode guide for Sesame Street. This is something that's literally never been done before, not even by Children's Television Workshop. With more than 4,500 episodes over the course of...
  3. scarecroe

    Early (pre-Kevin Clash) Elmo appearances (Brian Muehl and Richard Hunt)

    Based on threads here and here, I thought y'all might be interested in a project to identify Elmo's performer transitions in the years before Kevin Clash took on the character. This is a Muppet Wiki "sandbox project", which means it's not an encyclopedic article, but a work-in-progress to lock...
  4. scarecroe

    Flamingo Guitar

    Does anyone remember a Flamingo Guitar on The Muppet Show? Someone mentioned it recently, but I'm having trouble finding it. Thanks in advance :)
  5. scarecroe

    Muppets spitting, drinking from straws, and blowing out candles

    Hey gang, We started this article on Muppet Wiki last week and I'm trying to find more examples. http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Muppets_with_anatomically_functioning_mouths Can anyone think of any?
  6. scarecroe

    The Muppet Theatre location

    Contrary to The Muppets (2011), it was my understanding that The Muppet Theatre was located in New York City (despite having been filmed north of London). This was based on several references on The Muppet Show, but I can't remember them all now. Anyone know any off hand?
  7. scarecroe

    The Vaudevillian stage hook

    You've all seen the gag where a bad performer is pulled off stage by a giant hook. I've started a gallery of scenes in which this has happened to Muppets: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Vaudeville#Stage_hook I know there are a ton more. Can anyone think of any?
  8. scarecroe

    Muppet Wiki on Facebook!

    Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that we recently launched a page for Muppet Wiki on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/muppetwiki Hundreds of fans and insiders have been working on building this amazing database for over 4 years now. With over 21,000 pages on the site, there are...
  9. scarecroe

    Betty Lou and Prairie Dawn

    Betty Lou and Prairie Dawn were often seen illustrated together in Sesame storybooks, but not so much on the show. The only instance I can think of was in "Girl of the World" where they shared the stage with Rosita and Zoe. Anyone know if Betty Lou and Prairie Dawn ever shared a scene...
  10. scarecroe

    ToughPigs reviews Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time script

    Check it out, yo. http://toughpigs.com/2009/03/new-muppet-movie-script-review.html
  11. scarecroe

    Christopher Reeve on Sesame Street

    Hi. I'm looking for the episode of Sesame Street that contains this scene... http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Reeve-Sesame.jpg If anyone's got it, I have plenty to trade.
  12. scarecroe

    Muppet Wiki Celebrates Jim Henson's Birthday With Over 15,000 Articles

    :) Muppet Wiki Celebrates Jim Henson's Birthday With Over 15,000 Articles Happy Birthday, Jim. And thank you.
  13. scarecroe

    Sesame Podcasts

    Sesame Workshop has launched a new weekly video podcast on its site. Also available on iTunes and via various mobile units such as cell phones, these 5 minute segments have been created in direct response to parents' desire to have something educational available to them on-the-go with their...
  14. scarecroe

    Sesame Street Live mp3s

    The soundtracks released for Sesame Street Live shows seem to be little unknown treasures for Sesame Street music fans. Every track on each disc is a new recording not used on the show, and they're only available to buy at the souvenir table during each show's performance. I have two of the...
  15. scarecroe

    Looking for Slimey to the Moon (in Space, WASA) episodes

    As the thread title suggests, I'm looking for the Season 29 episodes that follow Slimey's venture from Sesame Street, into space and to the moon via WASA. My daughter's very interested in space travel and we've only seen brief clips. I've got a vast library available on DVD to trade with...
  16. scarecroe

    Elmo's World: Bells

    Does anyone know what episode this appeared in? Thanks in advance.
  17. scarecroe

    Brian Henson TMS Introductions

    Most folks are familiar with the introductions that Brian Henson provided for The Muppet Show from their inclusion in the Time-Life home video series. They were previously included in their run on The Odyssey Channel which featured the episodes that didn't make the 15 volume video set. Some...
  18. scarecroe

    looking for some Sesame Street

    I'm looking to trade with someone who has any of the following Sesame Street segments that they're able to make a VHS or DVD compilation of... Joshua Bell, violinist Victor Borge, pianist James Galway, flutist Kronos Quartet, string quartet Yo-Yo Ma, cellist Itzhak Perlman, violinist...
  19. scarecroe

    Wizard of Oz video clips

    Hi all, As you know, the new movie will be airing in just over two weeks in the United States. The ratings need to do well, so I'm sure you'd all agree that getting the word out to those who are able to tune in, is pretty helpful. Disney's a marketing machine not to be reckoned with (I expect...
  20. scarecroe

    Anyone tape Bear on Jerry Lewis?

    Did anyone catch the Bear appearance on the telethon? I was told that he did a new song... is this true? If anyone has a copy, I'm interested. Or really, if you can make a high quality MP3 of the song, that's mostly what I'm after. Thanks.