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Search results

  1. K

    Has anyone ever experienced racism?

    Either directly or indirectly? Felt displaced by the social environment, like you and your friend are the only black or white folks at a social event or like school? The reason I'm asking this is because I believe that I am right now. Because well I've worked at this video store for almost 7...
  2. K

    My grandmother passed away

    She was 86. She was pretty sick over the past couple of years, but I didn't expect her to go so quickly. Suddenly started getting very weak and earlier today the nurse who was at her house told my mom that she only had a week, maybe a few days left. So my mom called a family over her house and...
  3. K

    RIP Dom DeLuise

  4. K

    Question on the TMS season 4 eps

    From the lists I've been seeing this is the order the episodes go in Phyllis George Dizzy Gillespie Liza Minelli But I was watching the Phyllis George episode and Scooter mentions Dizzy and Liza in his guest star song. So it that the right order?
  5. K

    Bridge falls into river

  6. K

    James Brown dead at 73

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061225/ap_on_en_mu/obit_brown On a Christmas day too.:(
  7. K

    Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter dead at 46

  8. K

    Spike Milligan episode on youtube

    I'm not sure if you all know this but the Spike Milligan episode is on youtube. I believe the only missing is the UK spot.
  9. K

    I got some bad news today

    One of my classmates from high school came up to my job today and I found out from him that someone else I went to high school with got killed awhile ago. I don't know the whole details of what happened, but from what he told me somebody tried to take his car and he got shot. I'm a little...
  10. K

    RIP Dana Reeve

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060307/ap_on_en_mo/obit_reeve Her and Chris are reunited now, but I feel sorry for their son.
  11. K

    Curious George author murdered two days before movie release

    Two held in Curious George author's Florida death By Barbara Liston Thu Feb 9, 3:03 PM ET ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - Two men have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Alan J. Shalleck, 76, who co-wrote "Curious George" books and helped bring the very curious little...
  12. K

    RIP Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis

    Television Icon Dead at age 95. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060204/ap_en_tv/obit_lewis
  13. K

    RIP Lou Rawls

  14. K

    RIP Richard Pryor

  15. K

    RIP Pat Morita

  16. K

    What makes you cry?

    I'm a pretty senstive person. Reading this story almost had me in tears. I don't think anyone knows this but once there was an actress named Judith Barsi. She did the voice of Ducky in the first "Land Before Time" and did the voice of Annemarie in "All Dogs Go To Heaven. She was also in Jaws 4...
  17. K

    Where exactly are you located?

    http://www.frappr.com/muppetcentral Mark down your username, zipcode and whatnot and it uses a Google map to display where everybody is. Pretty cool.
  18. K

    RIP Rosa Parks

  19. K

    TMS episodes that didn't feature Rowlf

    I'm gonna lists episodes that Rowlf was absent from. The opening and ending credits DO NOT count. If I'm wrong someone please correct me. 19. Vincent Price?(Don't remember if he was in the At The Dance skit or not) 22. Ethel Merman 46. Teresa Brewer 48. Cloris Leachman 51. Roy Clark 55...
  20. K

    Favorite TMS closing numbers

    Which closing numbers of TMS episodes were your favorites? Mine are: 1. Juliet Prowse: Glee Club with Kermit conducting: "Temptation" 5. Rita Moreno: "Fever" 8. Paul Williams: "Sad Song" 9. Charles Aznavour: "Inchworm" 12. Peter Ustinov: Kermit: "Not Easy Bein Green" 19. Vincent Price...