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  1. maniacal muppet

    Serenading Unicorn

    So I was on Sparknotes.com a few minutes ago (Because I "totally" read Catcher In The Rye for homework this weekend), and I caught a glimpse of a Juicy Fruit Gum campaign called, "The Serenading Unicorn." Here's the video channel on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SerenadingUnicorn...
  2. maniacal muppet

    Fears of Zero- Transcript, anyone?

    Hey everybody! Hope you are all well. So, as I was in English class today, reading some works of Edgar Allen Poe, I began to think about this poem from The Muppet Show. Can someone post it on here? I'd like to have a typed copy. Thanks! Happy holidays, all :)
  3. maniacal muppet

    Whatever Happened To Leroy?

    Hi everyone. Today, during a very boring lecture in math class, I began to think. Catgut, Rover Joe and T.R. (Not to mention the ever-popular Chickens and Rats) all appeared on The Muppet Show after their appearances in The Muppet Musicians of Bremen. Why didn't Leroy appear here also? Was it...
  4. maniacal muppet

    Vermin The Monster on Ebay!

    Omg, I saw this last week on Ebay and immediately fell in love with it. If Only I had the money.... http://cgi.ebay.com/VERMIN-THE-MONSTER-Professional-muppet-style-puppet_W0QQitemZ220220421133QQihZ012QQcategoryZ11741QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem (I'm pretty sure that it was made...
  5. maniacal muppet

    The Original Telly

    Ok, so I just read this on Muppet Wiki... As for Telly, being one of my favorite Muppets :), I am really interested to see some pics of this. If anyone can find some or can direct me to 'em, please do! :D Thanks everyone! ~~MM
  6. maniacal muppet

    Happy Birthday Marty Robinson!

    Today, March 9th, Sesame performer, Marty Robinson celebrates another birthday! Happy B-day Marty! Read more about him here: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Marty_Robinson ~~MM :)
  7. maniacal muppet

    Sesame Set 2 Box Art Mistake

    QUICK! (Or not so quick for those of you who don't feel like it...)- Pull out your copy of Sesame Street Old School vol. 2 and follow this. Take out the foldout box that holds the dvds and look on the back. There's a pic of Mumford, Bert, Ernie, Sherlock, Grover and some others (No human...
  8. maniacal muppet

    My Muppet Wreath!

    Hey everyone! My Mom and I had an awesome idea of putting together a wreath of all my Muppet ornaments where it currently hangs on my bedroom door. Here are some pics! http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n309/boppityfrackle/Muppet%20Wreath/SANY0006.jpg...
  9. maniacal muppet

    Fozzie Reference in Bee Movie

    Hi eveyone! I just got home from seein the new Dreamworks movie, "Bee Movie". In one scene, the main character, Barry, was in court showing how bears are normally horrible, bee killing monsters, but before he goes on to say this, he mentions some famous bears, including Yogi Bear and of course...
  10. maniacal muppet

    Kermit Faucet Cover?

    Hi everyone! While I was in NYC the other day, my family and I went into this collectible store and I bought this Kermit faucet cover.... at least that's what we think it is. :smirk: My Mom cleaned it off and that's what she came up with. Is this definite? I don't know the year that it's...
  11. maniacal muppet

    The Count on Dancing with the Stars

    Last night, during a Jimmy Kimmel insert on DWTS on ABC, The Count was featured as the answer to the question "Where do the votes sent in by viewers get tallied?" Jimmy opened a door and there, at a desk, sat the Count crazily answering phones and writing down contestant scores. But there...
  12. maniacal muppet

    Kermit and Piggy on Bravo

    Yesterday, Sept. 22, Kermit asnd Miss Piggy were on the Bravo channel special "The 100 Greatest TV Characters Of All Time." I don't know what place they came in but it was kinda similar to Kermit's Appearance on the Animal Channel's Countdown (Something about animal stars). He spoke a bit and...
  13. maniacal muppet

    Doozer Fortune Cookie

    One night, I randomly decided to open a fortune cookie and this is what it said: "It's definitley a day for work, not play, so dont' be tepted." I swear, I almost peed myself at the thought of a Doozer opening this and seeing that. :)
  14. maniacal muppet

    Big Bird Cassette Player/ Doll

    Hi everyone! Recently I bought a Big Bird Casette player at a Colectible store and I wanted to see if anyone knew about it. It's about a foot and a half tall. Under his tail feathers, there is a plastic base where you insert batteries and the cassette. It reads "Ideal, 1986- Muppets Inc." At...
  15. maniacal muppet

    Is this official?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/THOG-THE-FRACKLE-MUPPET-SHOW-PAPER-MACHE-CHRISTMAS-ORNA_W0QQitemZ190146336744QQihZ009QQcategoryZ33844QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting I found that on Ebay and I wanted to know if anyone knew of this. So?
  16. maniacal muppet

    "Glow Worm" Sketch Reference on Futurama

    Hey everyone. I wanted to point out another great Muppet reference on Adult Swim. In an ep. of Futurama last night, Dr. Zoidberg was lookin for a new home underwater. At one point when the whole gang's on the ocean floor, he sat on a rock and a worm popped up, he ate it. Another comes, but to...
  17. maniacal muppet

    The Dark Crystal On Demand

    For those of you with the tv setup "IO", The Dark Crystal is now up for rental for about $3. I'm not too sure what channel it is (Being that we're all in different places), but I think that it's something like 500.;) Just thought I'd throw it out there :)
  18. maniacal muppet

    Sesame Street on Radio Disney?

    Today on Radio Disney Music Choice, the version of the Disney radio station that's on tv, it listed the S. St. theme coming up next. It Read... The Sesame Street Theme Sesame Street Platinum- All-Time Favorites 1995 It didn't actually play either.:smirk: Weird...
  19. maniacal muppet

    Your Prized Muppet Posession

    What's your favorite Muppet item that you have? I have a tie between The Jim Henson Hour Lunchbox and my copy of Sesame Street Unpaved signed by Leslie Carrara, Marty Robinson, Kevin Clash and Pam Arciero. :)
  20. maniacal muppet


    In Super Paper Mario for the Wii, (which came out today) there is an enemy called the Frackle. Do the Muppets have any ownership on this name (Being that there is the group of the Frackles that originated in the Great Santa Claus Switch) or is it just a nonsense word that the Muppets...