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Search results

  1. bazooka_beak

    My Computer Hates Me (HELP!)

    I'm still making payments for this computer (bought in November), and yet it feels compelled to mess with me :P OK, so my computer isn't letting me right click on images/videos/program icons and I can't open file explorer. If I try to do either of these tasks, the screen flashes and it goes...
  2. bazooka_beak

    Spook House Dave - Missing Episodes

    Several months ago I discovered a puppet show called "Spook House Dave." Foolishly, I did not bother to download or otherwise secure the episodes, and now all of their episodes, save for a few clips, seem to have mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. I really want to see them again. Does...
  3. bazooka_beak

    Do you Last.fm?

    I recently gave in to peer pressure and made a Last.fm account. Does anyone else have one? Now people can laugh at my taste in music ;) http://www.last.fm/user/bib1994
  4. bazooka_beak

    Any April Fools tricks played on you?

    Have you been the victim of a trick, or tricked somebody else? What's some really funny scams you've come across online? None of this has to be from THIS year. Oh, and Happy April Fools :D
  5. bazooka_beak

    Amazon to offer Nickelodeon "Burn-On-Demand" titles

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Site-News-Nickelodeon-Amazon-CreateSpace/10375 These releases are official, but you won't find them in Wal-Mart or Best Buy, it's Amazon only. I find the whole setup rather confusing, the prices lousy for us poor schmuks, and the "Best Ofs" (instead of...
  6. bazooka_beak

    Help me name my cat!

    I hope this is the right place to post this! Anyway, today I got a cat, and I'm having a little trouble coming up with a name. What I want is something quirky or unusual. Nothing lazy and uncreative like "Fluffy" or "Blackie." The cat is a male, 10 months old, with black fur. I don't...
  7. bazooka_beak

    Verizon phones with custom ringtone options?

    I've had the same phone for about 4 or 5 years now, and am looking for a change. Basically, I want a phone where I can put my own personal ringtones on it, and not have to go to a special store and pay for midi-like quality and/or be stuck with what the company makes available. For instance...
  8. bazooka_beak

    Muppet Babies CD

    Does anyone have this? I know I saw it in stores in the late 90s, but was stupid enough not to buy it. It features some sketches along with some of their songs, a re-release of their 80s record. I've done several searches on Ebay but haven't found it. Owning the record would be useless since I...
  9. bazooka_beak

    Will there ever be remastered CD releases?

    Considering some of them go for $50+ on places like Ebay, I really wish they'd remaster and release the soundtracks for Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Movie, etc. Do you know if they ever will?
  10. bazooka_beak

    Muppet Babies episodes, willing to do trade!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you would be willing to do a trade. I have several episodes taped off the TV from its Nick Jr. run, but my collection is far from complete. To reach my goal, I was hoping one or some of you might have what I'm missing - the last season, and a few scattered...