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Search results

  1. stick

    MC link takes me to wsearch.net

    i cant get to the site when i click the link for muppet central. it takes me to wsearch.net. and i cant click anywhere else on the site it also take me to wsearch.net . i only got here from a muppet central email and that took some time too.:smirk:
  2. stick

    Fraggle Rock Season 4 and the Book

    i have season 123 and i need the final 4/5 but now the complete series is out is there hope for just season 4/5 to come out.... in canada? i dont really need the complete series, i have 123 but if 4/5 isnt coming out i'll have to get it but, id like to complete my 123 series with 4/5. and whens...
  3. stick

    Fraggle Season 4 and the Fraggle Book

    i just need season 4 but will it come w/ all the extras thats in the complete series? when can i find the last season to complete my series? and wasnt there a fraggle book coming out? :smirk:
  4. stick

    Will Studio DC air in Canada?

    muppets airing on tv in canada too i hope, is there a date? :)
  5. stick

    Why isn't Muppet Family Christmas still on TV?

    why isn't muppet family christmas ever on tv at christmas time? it's a good christmas show. i got it on video and i watch it every year but i only found out about it because it was on tv once years ago.
  6. stick

    Which one is Gunge and which one is Philo?

    one's grey & one's pink... which one is gunge and which one is philo? :excited:
  7. stick

    what episode has song here nor there?

    what episode does wembley sing "here nor there" or is it "here to there"?:excited:
  8. stick

    Quiz pages

    i thought there were quiz's here where u could quiz yourself on your muppet knowledge... where did the quiz page go? and bring it back, please. :excited: :) :(
  9. stick

    Will a Fraggle movie lead to Fraggle merchandise?

    when the fraggle movie comes out do u think there will be fraggle merchandise, toys, clothes, video games, calendars & more? 'cause i'd buy fraggle plush toys. :excited:
  10. stick

    There's a glitch viewing a collectibles page

    i went to the collectibles page, then clicked muppets or fraggles page. when i scroll down the page froze and i had to end now because of an error script. this happened to anyone else or is it just my pc? :smirk:
  11. stick

    Differences between the first two DVD sets

    my season 1 dvd set opens with each disk on their own page & season 2 has the same thing but there's a white tape on the spine of the pages holding them together. it doesn't look as nice, i like the way season 1 was done. anyone else have this on their season 2 dvd set? :excited:
  12. stick

    favourite muppet christmas movie

    favourite muppet christmas movie. mine is a muppet family christmas because all the muppets r in it, SESAME STREET, THE MUPPET SHOW, and FRAGGLE ROCK ! can't go wrong there. :p :concern::excited: