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  1. LeanneRivett

    Beneath the Dark Crystal, new graphic novel series

    Has anyone seen this? https://www.comixology.co.uk/Jim-Hensons-Beneath-the-Dark-Crystal/comics-series/121062?ref=c2VhcmNoL2luZGV4L2Rlc2t0b3Avc2xpZGVyTGlzdC9zZXJpZXNTbGlkZXI I've just subscribed
  2. LeanneRivett

    New Muppet Babies Plush from the Disney Store

    Hello everyone, Once a month I check on shop Disney in hopes that some new Muppet Merch will be coming our way to the UK. I was really pleased to see that they have released new Muppet Babies plush toys. currently with 25% off https://www.shopdisney.com/movies-shows/disney/the-muppets...
  3. LeanneRivett

    New Visual of the Disney Junior Muppet Babies series

    Disney Television Animation Studios released this picture on Twitter yesterday. I love the way Animal looks :)
  4. LeanneRivett

    THE DARK CRYSTAL Debuts On 4K Ultra HD™ And Returns To Blu-Ray™ & Digital March 6

    Just read this press release from Henson website, not sure if anyone else has seen this: Revisit the masterful fantasy epic from the brilliant imagination of Jim Henson when THE DARK CRYSTAL debuts on 4K Ultra HD™ and returns to Blu-ray™ and digital on March 6 from Sony Pictures Home...
  5. LeanneRivett

    The Muppet Christmas Carol on iTunes 4K now with "When Love is Gone"!

    To my delight, iTunes in the UK have upgraded The Muppet Christmas Carol to 4K and included 'When Love is Gone' deleted scene. However, this is not included in the film, it is separate in the iTunes extras section. I'm glad I have the uncut original dvd from back in the day, but it was nice to...
  6. LeanneRivett

    ABC The Muppets Season 1 on iTunes

    I noticed that the Muppets was now on iTunes and it has come down to a reasonable price. I purchased it, anyone else? Hope Disney puts the Muppet Show on iTunes too, still waiting for MTI too. https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/the-muppets-season-1/id1030584395
  7. LeanneRivett

    Little White Lies: the Muppets issue

    Has anyone else seen this? http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2014/march/little-white-lies-muppets Jesse Eisenberg meets The Double; Brendan Gleeson preaches Calvary; Wes Anderson invites us to stay at The Grand Budapest Hotel; Jack O'Connell is Starred Up; Scarlett Johansson gets Under...
  8. LeanneRivett

    Finally a Decent Miss Piggy Plush

    Very excited, this is the best plush I have ever seen of Piggy, I ordered mine today. http://www.disneystore.co.uk/miss-piggy-medium-soft-toy/mp/66207/1000260/
  9. LeanneRivett


    Hello Everyone, whilst looking for new information on 'The Power of the Dark Crystal', I know, I'm still ever hopeful, I came across an updated Dark Crystal website. They have great contend and a forum on there too, no one has posted as yet. I'm not sure how long this has been up, usually...
  10. LeanneRivett

    Henson Knitting Projects

    I have bit the bullet and started this thread because you guys may be interested. I have submitted a Dissertation for a Knitted Jim Henson Doll for Nerd Wars Tournament 4 on Ravelry. The proposal was accepted and I made a start on this project I will be posting my progress on my Blog and...
  11. LeanneRivett

    Nerd Wars on Ravelry

    Hello everyone, I think some of you know I am into knitting big time, if I'm not at work, or online, I'm knitting. The two sites I spend most of my time on are here and Ravelry. There are loads of sub Groups in Ravelry and one of them is Nerd Wars, which is a community knitting challenge...
  12. LeanneRivett


    I think this may be a first, although I know there is a post on here but here of lots of nice new pictures for you but I have just found out that Piggy and Kermit are on Sale now on the German Build a Bear Site. Not often I come up with a first. Here are the details...
  13. LeanneRivett

    Muppets: DC Almost Live comes to DVD in the UK

    Not sure if anyone else has posted this but look what I found: http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/13068956/Muppets-DC-Almost-Live/Product.html Looks like we get our Christmas wish after all. :) Happy Crimbo! Leanne x
  14. LeanneRivett

    Muppets: DC Almost Live comes to DVD in the UK

    Not sure if anyone else has posted this but look what I found: http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/13068956/Muppets-DC-Almost-Live/Product.html Looks like we get our Christmas wish after all. :) Happy Crimbo! Leanne x
  15. LeanneRivett

    Muppet are here at Your M&s

    Dear All M&S now have licienced Muppet Merchandise which is available online The first line we are doing is online greating cards, which you can personalise. This launced today: http://www.marksandspencerpersonalised.com/Cards/?search=muppets The second is a Wall Planner for 2010, which...
  16. LeanneRivett

    Studio DC Almost Live Premiers on UK Disney Channel

    So you guys know I watch Disney Channel all the time, well put it on this morning and there was a trailer for the UK Premier of Studio DC Almost live, as part of Wiztober. The strange thing is they are showing the second one first, I suppose because of the fact that thery are showing new...