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  1. Shynee

    Open Source Puppetry Project

    Me me me Mr. ScrapsFlippy I am at you command. I'm in.
  2. Shynee

    Muppets Auditions Sept 2005+

    I work two steps away from Muppets 3D and I can tell you is is deffinately not closed. Just in case you wanted to know.
  3. Shynee

    Playhouse Disney Live Auditions

    In case anybody is interested, the Disneyland Resort will be holding puppeteer auditions for Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show in California Adventure. It will be Thursday, August 18 at 10am. Check out for more info
  4. Shynee

    Audition: Playhouse Disney

    :) I'm not sure if anyone knows and has posted this. Disney is holding an audition for Playhouse Disney at California Adventure. The audition is this Thursday Feb 19, @ 5:00. You can call (714)781-0111 and select option 2 for more information. Good luck to those who can show up, even on...