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  1. fluffmuppet

    Kira Artwork

    Hey everyone! I did this drawing of Kira in 2 and a half hours, no pencil, just straight on marker and then a little bit of colored pencil! I just felt like drawing her and I wanted to capture that angelic face I remember seeing when I was just a little girl! She was, and always will be the most...
  2. fluffmuppet

    MORE pupp's by meh!

    Hiya peeps! long time no...write? hehe, yup! I have been very very busy lately, I am making puppets till the fluff comes outta my ears! in the meantime, I have some pics you can look at of my most recently made creations, as well as some behind-the-scenes of my Puppetry Club! Here's the...
  3. fluffmuppet

    Kira 'stume!

    Welllllll..Halloween was purdy fun fun...and I finally got to dress in the costume I've been workin' on fer about a month or so..hehe! I am somewhat happy with the results..I just wish more people knew who she was..and stopped calling me a MOUSE!!! >_<'s the pix...
  4. fluffmuppet

    Halloween Costumes!

    Yeah, I know Halloween isn't for a while, but I plan to make my costume early (earlier the better, right?) I have decided to go out as KIRA from the Dark Crystal! Heheheh! Anyone else gonna dress up as a muppet or anything 'Henson' character related? :D Tell me tell me!
  5. fluffmuppet

    Janice Muppet~!

    Oh, like, wow. Like, ooouukay, I'm like, gonna working on, like, a Janice muppet, I mean like, things are REALLY gonna be happenin'! I decided to try a hand on making her, heehee. I already bought some foam especially for her! I also decided to drop the mahna mahna project because first of...
  6. fluffmuppet

    Am I just annoying?

    I dunno why I feel this way, but I guess I'm annoying cuz everyone seems to ignore my posts.... Guess I don't deserve to be here anyway...I'll just go work on a puppet or something. Chow. ::runs away::
  7. fluffmuppet

    Sango Puppets Website

    I finally got my puppet website up and running! It's still got a bit more construction to be worked on, but it's pretty much up! Take a looky looky! :D :D :D
  8. fluffmuppet

    Which Muppet do you relate to?

    I was wondering if there was one or maybe parts from other Muppet's personality or traits that reminds you of yourself. I'de have to say Gonzo for me, because just like Gonzo, I am considered very strange, and eccentric to others, I have a big nose (at least I think I do), I also act like a...
  9. fluffmuppet

    Gonzo's Relative: Gazami!

    Here's a "girl" Gonzo I made up! I got the idea after watching MFS, so I just HAD to try it out! She's sorta loony looking, and pretty different (white fur!) Took me forever to think of a name, lol! Here's the link of her face I am barely finished her...
  10. fluffmuppet

    Screening test

    I had just purchased the Muppet Movie on DVD and I came across the special features and this thing called *Muppet Screening Test*was on it. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this? If so, isn't it just hilarious? I think my favorite part was when Kermit and Piggy were sitting and...
  11. fluffmuppet

    What Sesame Street Character Are YOU?

    I got: "You are ELMO. You are cute, and everyone loves you. You are a best friend that no one takes the chance of losing. You don't like to hurt other people's feelings, but if you do it's not intentional. Life is a breeze. You are witty and calm most of the time. Just keep clear of...
  12. fluffmuppet

    Puppet Club

    Wahh! I'm soo happy today! I'm joining a puppetry club here in Ontario (VERY hard to find), and they're going to teach me how to make puppets and in most times, perform puppet shows! The club happens once a month, and the first one I'm going to is on June 24th, 02', so that will be really...
  13. fluffmuppet

    Mahna Mahna

    I just recently found a clip called *Mahna Mahna* from the Muppet Show, downloaded from Kazaa. I have never seen anything like it! Has anyone else seen it, too? I think it soo cute and hilarious! Also, does anyone know the names of those muppets? ~fluff~