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  1. goldenarrow05

    DCI fans?

    Are there any other Drum and Bugle Corps fans around here? I am going to the central division championships tonight in Kalamazoo, MI and I just thought i would check and see if there were any other fans of competitive marching here on muppetcentral.
  2. goldenarrow05

    Question about old Sesame VHS

    I'm looking for a VHS i had back when i was a kid, it was either sleepytime stories and songs, or bedtime stories and songs, amazon has a review that says that these 2 may be the same video. can anyone tell me? The one i am looking for had Everybody sleeps, I dance myself to sleep and the...
  3. goldenarrow05

    Yay for video stores selling old VHS

    My local Movie Gallery recently put most of their VHS' up for sale and over the past week i have bought their entire stock of Muppet VHS' I didnt own which included: The Muppet Movie (I know, I call myself a fan and I didnt own this :zany: ) Muppet Treasure Island (same as above) The...
  4. goldenarrow05

    Excellent Prices on series 5 & 6 at Suncoast

    I was at suncoast today and i was greeted by a nice yellow sticker on the swinetreck that said 8.79 so i just couldnt pass it up... along with the series 2 minis for 3.74 and series 5 and 6 action figures for 2.49!!! I was really excited so i bought the minis and the swinetreck and Clifford and...
  5. goldenarrow05


    I just picked up a copy of the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire today. I have been wanting to read it for a while but hadnt gotten around to it, this week i was listening to the music from the musical though and got inspired to pick up a copy and read it. I havent been able to put it down yet. I...
  6. goldenarrow05

    Looking for Muppets Tonight

    Hey, I've been looking for Episodes of Muppets Tonight and havent really had any luck coming across any so i thought i'd ask and see if anyone is willing to help. I dont know that i really have anything worth trading, most of my Muppety goodness is commercially released but i guess just...
  7. goldenarrow05

    Looking for specials

    Hi, Im looking for three different specials on Vhs or digital whichever any1 has. i am willing to purchase at a reasonable price. the three i am looking for would be the 30 year special. the muppets go to disneyworld and the jim henson tribute special . if any1 can help me it will be greatly...