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    Puppet Planet

    In response to the previously mentioned post that was just brought to my attention: I received a paypal notification that a dispute was opened on August 19th, the date of Goochman's post. I did not see the notification until the 25th of August, at which time I immediately sent a FULL REFUND...
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    Copyrights, Fan-Art, and You

    I don't mean what I am about to say in an attacking or malicious way at all, so please just hear me out as I state my oppinon on your statement above. I just have a really bad abrassive, abrupt way of saying things because I just say how I think... I'm not good at trying to reform words or...
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    Where can I buy/rent/custom order professional puppets?

    I have to agree with the suggest of This type of work is right up her alley.
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    OneCraftyChick's Online Puppet Store

    Your prices are way too low for the work... seriously, thats not just a compliment. Cute characters and they all look very different from eachother which is great! My favorite is the kitten. :flirt:
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    Puppet Planet

    A note about available puppets: Thanks to all of the kind people that have sent me supplies, I have the following catalog characters completed and in stock at this time: You can see photos on my website as these are catalog characters: Aunt Fran...
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    Puppet Planet

    Fixed car, wheels, a ride of my very own! Sort of off topic, but I get emails and questions on how we are doing and I just thought that I would share that I will finally have my car on the road in less than 48 hours. I get to pick it up Monday. I am SOOoooo doing the happy dance right now...
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    Puppet Planet

    Thank you Dan, I appreciate it. Prayers are getting answered and we are safe & well. The girls are enjoying the snow & days off from school. However, if anyone was praying for snow... you can stop now. ;)
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    Puppet Planet

    Sorry about that Frank, we spoke a couple weeks ago and I told you I had a ride commited to taking me to the post office that next Monday. I didn't know it at the time, but it turned out to be Presidents Day. The library and the post office were closed. I haven't had a ride anywhere other than...
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    Puppet Planet

    I forgot one thing.... eBay sales would lead to Paypal payments. Which is great, except my paypal account is in the negative right now too. It's nothing that 2 or 3 decent sales wouldn't take care of.... but still something I need to remember and mention for those who are waiting on refunds from...
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    Puppet Planet

    Ok, here is the deal. I'm probably asking for it by posting publicly because there is no way to make every single person happy and I'm likely to face some backlash from those who don't agree with my decision. But lets face it, this whole mess has already been made public anyway. I was...
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    Puppet Planet

    Hello everyone. Thank you for your concern and well wishes. We do finally have a place to call home and an opportunity to work off the cost of rent on the owner's ranch until I can find employment. I'm still working on trying to get up the funds to pay for the transmission repair on my truck...
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    Puppet Planet

    Yes, I do whole heartedly agree. But without going into the painfully long details.... things sort of fell apart quickly. Since I've always been very public about the personal problems I've had due to them affecting my business transactions, most people involved with me in business knew that I...
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    Puppet Planet

    Mods, I tried to post where I thought this would fit best. If you feel it belongs in a different area then please feel free to move this thread. Best, -Michele Dear puppet planet customers, As many of you are aware, I have had several personal challenges over the past couple years that have...
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    Bergen & McCarthy Gold Collectors Stamp - eBay

    I have listed a commorative Bergen & McCarthy gold replica collectors stamp HERE See all of my listings including Fraggle Rock Books, Muppet Magazines, and Five Puppet Planet soft Figures HERE Everything isn't showing in the search yet so please give eBay time to update the listings.
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    Jim Hensn Signed Record on eBay

    I have listed an original autographed record on eBay HERE See all of my listings including Fraggle Rock Books and Five Puppet Planet soft Figures HERE Everything isn't showing in the search yet so please give eBay time to update the listings.
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    Large Collection of Muppet Magazines on eBay

    I have several Muppet Magazine issues and other Muppet magazine memorbilia listed on eBay. Everything is listed separately, but I will only charge actual shipping costs for combined items if you purchase multiple magazines or books, etc. See my auction listings HERE, but it may take a while...
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    Fraggle Rock Book Collection eBay - Weekly Reader

    Selling a (complete?) collection of 12 weekly reader books and book bag on eBay Here See all of my listings including Fraggle Rock Books and Five Puppet Planet soft Figures HERE Everything isn't showing in the search yet so please give eBay time to update the listings.
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    Puppet Figures on eBay

    By now some of you (though not all) have probably heard of my financial woes, losing my home in Florida, and moving to a different state. Circumstances suck,but we are making the best of it and hope to climb out of the financial disaster that hit us as a result of my bout with pneumonia earlier...
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    Purple Monster Puppet on eBay

    Hi, thanks so much! Surprisingly, he's a friendly fellow.... although a little on the "dumb jock" side. ;)
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    Purple Monster Puppet on eBay

    I just listed another puppet on eBay, this one is a purple monster: Click Here