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Search results

  1. Davina

    Etsy store w/ some muppety baby quilts

    Hi all, so I recently opened a little etsy store and am currently listing some baby quilts. I've got 6 up right now and another 3-5 should be up this weekend/early next week. In there I've got a few Muppet themed ones that I thought I'd give everyone here a heads up on. Two of them are listed...
  2. Davina

    Help us Adopt!

    Ok, so we've been working on trying to adopt off and on for most of the 10 years we've been married. Something always happened to delay things (a lay off, a car accident that took most of a year to recover from, an over seas military deployment, some health problems.. etc..) but we're ready to...
  3. Davina

    The Polar Bear King

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this, or even heard of it.. I found it by random happenstance while flipping thru the netflix collection.. was done in 1991. I just watched it yesterday. Not bad. Loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a bit of The True Bride and a few other things tossed...
  4. Davina

    Dark Crystal Dinner

    So we were reading an article on io9 about a sci-fi themed dinner party and hubby decided he wanted to try doing one with a Dark Crystal theme maybe for our birthdays in September.. so thought we'd ask around and see if anyone had any good ideas or recipes for anything and substitutions for...
  5. Davina

    Dark Crystal mural in Seattle

    Was over on Io9 today and they had a post about a DC mural in Seattle.. looked really good, though looks like it has been up for a while http://io9.com/5347295/dark-crystal-mural-creates-urban-fantasy-in-seattle thought I'd post it in case anyone was goingto be in that area and wanted to see...
  6. Davina

    Anyone know of cheap replicas? (for army..)

    Ok, my husband is currently deployed and he was having a really bad day and he commented that he really wished that I could send him Kermit, but that he'd be afraid he'd get messed up.. He'd love to take pictures of Kermit (or any of the others) with the troops... so.. I'm wondering if anyone...
  7. Davina

    Chef on Robot Chicken

    so tuesday night we were watching Robot Chicken on the cartoon network... and they had a bit with the Swedish Chef.. I missed part of it as I was in the other room, but he was walking down a street seeing things that rhymed with "bork" (of course...)
  8. Davina

    Muppet Family Christmas DVD

    just saw a link to something over on myspace that I had to come question... a company called Nocturnal Pictures is offering Muppet Family Christmas on DVD.. I hadn't heard that it was available in that format.. so was wondering if anyone else had heard/seen anything about it.. is this legit? or...
  9. Davina

    DC in anchorage theater this weekend!

    If anyone else is in the Anchorage, AK area.. Bear Tooth Theater is showing the Dark Crystal this weekend. Saturday and Sunday at 3:15 PM Apparently they showed Labyrinth last weekend, but I didn't find out in time.. *sigh* We'll be heading into town to watch it Saturday, so if anyone else...
  10. Davina

    Outfitting the Kermit Replica

    Question.. I know some people have used infant clothing for their Kermits.. and I was wondering what size was being used... I found the cutest little Santa outfit at Wal-Mart in the infant's department and I would love to get one for him, but wasn't sure of the size... I would think the 0-3...
  11. Davina


    well, this is a little late, but we just found out, so... Announcing the arrival of our first grand baby! My eldest step daughter had a little girl on Tuesday.. and, according to one of the younger step daughters, they've named her Gaia Araida Lioria Saunders (spelling may well be off...
  12. Davina

    Oscar on Craig Ferguson

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, so figured I'd mention it... Was up late last night flipping stations and caught Oscar the Grouch on the Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson. Missed the first part of his bit there, but the last part they were discussing how Graig wants to become a US...
  13. Davina

    Kermit and Animal T-shirts

    Ok, so the other day I was wandering through the local Fred Meyers store in the clothes department and walked past the junior miss department and noticed 2 muppet t-shirts.. kermit and animal.. very cool shirts, btw.. but.. the tag on them said CTW Sesame Street.. i could maybe see that with...
  14. Davina

    Names of the rats.....

    hi. all.. iv'e been away for a few months... (stupid hard drive crashed and it took forever to salvage stuff before we could reload.. plus buying a house, moving, etc etc etc...) anyway.. we have a slew of pet mice.. and we've been working on a list of names.. we suddenly realized, we hadn't...
  15. Davina

    Doozer stick recipes

    was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make their own doozer sticks... my husband and I were discussing this last night and are considering trying to make something similar up,, which got me to wondering if anyone else has ever given it a try... so.. anyone?? or are we just weirder then...
  16. Davina

    Labyrinth Door Knockers

    Does anyone know where/if these are available for purchase oneline anywhere?? We've checked with the two hot topic affilated stores here in Alaska, but neither of them have them or care to order them for us, so we were hoping we might be able to find them online. (we did find one place that has...
  17. Davina

    Helping Super Beaker to stand...

    Hey all.. we got our super beaker figure last week and have been having some fun with itm, but we've noticed that it has atendency to fall over alot. seems it's a bit top heavy and the leg angle (he leans slightly forward as if about to take off from the ground) seems to encourage him to be off...
  18. Davina

    Doozers from Sababa

    My husband and I were wondering if anyone had any of these?? What do you think of the quality?? (He's a big Fraggle Rock fan and we'd love to have some Doozers around the house, but were wondering how these compared to, say the Palisades stuff??) Also, anyone have any idea what retailers are...
  19. Davina

    Modding Questions.. Help Please :)

    My husband and I are planning some mods for some of our extra Palisades figures. We're working right now on some extra Piggy's we picked up (series 1) we've got a few ideas for what we'd like to try to do, but, I was hoping to get some input from others who have done some Muppet modding...
  20. Davina

    Sesame's "Gina" on the Jury

    Was flipping stations tongiht and caught "Gina" as one of the jurors on the new show "The Jury" on FOX... just wanted to share... :)