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Search results

  1. BobbyBenson64

    Muppet 2011 Retail Display

    When I was about 12 I asked a local retail chain if I could have the cardboard DVD display when they were through, luckily they were nice enough to hold on to it for me and around May 2012 I picked it up. Had it in my room for a while but as time went on my family moved a handful of times and...
  2. BobbyBenson64

    Video: "Big Bad Piggy" with Andy and Randy for Facebook Portal

    New ad with Andy & Randy
  3. BobbyBenson64

    My Muppet Art

    I've started to do some Muppet fan art, I'm trying my best to keep them in scale. Tell me what you think. First drawing is Link
  4. BobbyBenson64

    Wanted: Backstage Playset.

    I'm looking for a Backstage Palyset, it could be lose or MIB as long as it's complete. This is one of the last things I need to comlete my Palisades collection so it would be VERY amzing of you to sell or help me find one. Thanks! :)
  5. BobbyBenson64

    Wanted: S3 Yellow-Shirt Zoot

    Dose anyone have a basic yellow shirt zoot? I don't care if it's on card as long as it's complete. Please help!
  6. BobbyBenson64

    Kermit Collection Telephone For Sell

    :)Hello, I have a Kermit collection telephone in ok condition it has a small crack and is missing the instruction booklet but is in working condition just message me if your interested
  7. BobbyBenson64

    Still Looking For ZOOT!!!!!

    I am currently trying to fill the black holes in my collection and zoot(s) is a big one! but I am very picky so im looking for a zoot either moc or loose with the cardback but at this point ill take it with out :cool: if you can help thanks!!
  8. BobbyBenson64

    Wanted Zoots

    I'm looking for yellow shirt manly but I'm fine with the red shirt to!:cool:
  9. BobbyBenson64

    Looking for a series 1 dr Bunsen

    I'm looking for an unopened or loose dr Bunsen as long as it's in good condition
  10. BobbyBenson64

    Help me display my collection!!!!

    I have a "good" collection, but not enough shelf space, I should like to hear the forums advice on, what type of shelf I should buy and how I should decorate my collection. :):D
  11. BobbyBenson64

    Accessories Needed!!!

    I am looking for: Miss Piggy's hand mirror (regular not EB EX) Fozzie Bears microphone (series 2) Floyd's guitar w/t Amp, and Strap Scooters radio Lew Zealand's small mouth bass And Pop's lamp If you have any that are willing to sell please p.m. me