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Search results

  1. prickle747

    Bert's Egg

    does anyone have this clip or better yet the entire episode? http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_0003
  2. prickle747

    70's telephone skit

    Does anyone have the skit referring to my profile photo? also does anyone know what episode # it's from? I have more still's of it from a book.
  3. prickle747

    Through the Hoop skit

    Does anyone know if the entire skit has surfaced in English yet? The one on youtube is my master thanks to various sources put together.
  4. prickle747

    2 Classic Skits

    who has these ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhfnK6b7eA4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk8gBvSkdc4 if someone does,please post them up to share with others. english perferred,however any language is ok too.
  5. prickle747

    ernie & c.m sketch

    looking for one where ernie is beside c.m. is picking up the telephone and then c.m eats the reciever ? i have 2 stills of it,if someone needs to see them let me know.
  6. prickle747

    Beautiful Day,Ernie & Bert Skit

    can someone help with a plot on this sketch ? a skit that has b.d. with a door through his head ? e & b are in it too.i have 6 still images of it and the tv logo is "NDR" so it must exist.if somebody needs to see them let me know.
  7. prickle747

    Beautiful Day tries to comb Kermit's Hair Skit

    I'm still on the search for this,does anyone have it ? and of course willing to do some other trades ?
  8. prickle747

    The Classic Falling Baker Sketches

    Is that the name that these are known for ? (Baker Sketches,where the baker falls down the stairs at the end with whatever number of desserts he has in his arms) btw.....does anybody know who the baker is ? has he been in anything else known for ? kinda like everyone knows the jazzy spies...
  9. prickle747

    5 people in my family sketch

    Does anybody know what episode # this old muppet sketch is on ? goes something like " i got 5 people in my family.....1,2,3,4,5" that's all i remember,would like to see this one again......thanks.
  10. prickle747

    Unpaved or Non-Unpaved Episodes

    This may be hard for most of us to do,please share your memories from your most favorite episode either unpaved or non-unpaved ok here's mine,very hard to choose # 2282 (PBS) the sketches they aired on here i have not seen in over 25 years & must say was very pleased to get. e & b...
  11. prickle747

    Episode highlights needed

    Can someone please post sketch highlights for these episodes.thanks !! # 2170 # 2257 # 3374
  12. prickle747

    Ernie talking and Cookie Monster eyeing a white telephone

    i have a still image of this skit ,however i don't have it.1969-1971 by the looks of it,old tin garbage can through the window in the background.ernie is talking & cookie monster is eyeing the white telephone either ready to pick it up and answer it or maybe eat it ? i have no idea what the...
  13. prickle747

    Kermit's first season lecture on hair

    the clip of Kermit's first season lecture on hair. The Beautiful Day monster shows up and tries to brush Kermit. However, as Kermit points out multiple times throughout the sketch, "Frogs don't have hair!". This clip is also infamous for the only known time that the word "BEER" was used on...
  14. prickle747

    Which episode has this classic skit?

    What episode # is Ernie borrows Herbert Birdsfoot vacuum cleaner on ? I have been trying to complete this one on Winmx.
  15. prickle747

    When does Sesame Street season 35 start?

    There was a thread on this a while ago,and i wondered if we had a confirmed date on this.......please lmk.......thanks :)
  16. prickle747

    Episode Details Needed

    Can someone please post sketch highlights of the non-noggin episodes. # 2291,2432 and 2606...........thank you !!
  17. prickle747

    Animated ice cream skit (1970's)

    I think this skit was for The Letter I.very vague memories of this the girl says "ice cream,my favorite kind".can someone help out on this for more detail and what episode this skit aired on ? thanks.........
  18. prickle747

    Episode sketch highlights

    Can someone please post the main sketch/skit(s) highlights on these 2 SSU episodes ? # 1056 Bert's Marching Band (1977) # 1839 Death of Mr. Hooper (1983) Thanks in advance :)
  19. prickle747

    Are these the same or different?

    E & B sketch......they sound the same...... "Bert's Sandcastle" Ernie tells big tough guy Bert will be mad about knocking over Bert's sandcastle. and E & B at the beach - Ernie meets tough Eddie
  20. prickle747

    Ernie & Cookie Monster Skit

    i have a still image of this skit ,however i don't have it.1969-1971 by the looks of it,old tin garbage can through the window in the background.ernie is talking & cookie monster is eyeing the white telephone either ready to pick it up and answer it or maybe eat it ? i have no idea what the...