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Search results

  1. frogtownhollow

    John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together DVD

    I know this special is from 79, and there are no PERFECT copies anywhere, but every one I try to order on the net is really "not that great" quality. I have a crystal clear copy I recorded off of the Disney Channel a long time ago, but when I try to convert it to a file to burn for DVD, the...
  2. frogtownhollow

    Emmy Awards "In Memoriam" segment

    There was no mention of Jerry Nelson. I was very sad not to see them include him.:batty:
  3. frogtownhollow

    Recycled Kermit

    This was an article/picture in my local newspaper...thought it was pretty neat!
  4. frogtownhollow

    Muppet Christmas Carol origin

    With the release of MCC so close to Jim's passing, does anyone know if at least the germ of the idea for the movie might have originated with Jim?
  5. frogtownhollow

    Caroll Spinney's Big Bird or Matt Vogel's?

    Does anyone know how often Caroll Spinney performs Big Bird now? I'm usually pretty good about picking out voices, but I have to admit Matt's Bird voice is pretty darn close to Caroll's, and I can't tell the difference.
  6. frogtownhollow

    Muppet Show On Tour

    Does anyone know if there is any recorded performances from the 80's stage show (other than the TV commercials on YouTube) that still survive? Just hearing the audio tracks would be nice, as it features the classic performer line up in rare songs.
  7. frogtownhollow

    Art of the Muppets exhibit New Orleans 1981

    Recently, I saw a short video of The Art of the Muppets exhibit taken in 1985. In it were all of the things I remember seeing, along with the "new" exhibits of Fraggle Rock and The Muppet Babies. I say "new" because I saw the exhibit in New Orleans in 1981. However, in the video from 1985, The...
  8. frogtownhollow

    Looking for ROWLF Sidehow bust

    Looking for Rowlf Sideshow Weta bust...please contact me if anyone is interested in selling one!:sympathy: Thanks! glfan@hotmail.com
  9. frogtownhollow

    Skeksis Chamberlain Figure

    Any news of what happened to the new Skeksis Chamberlain figure? No news of shipping, and TFAW shows it's no longer available.:scary:
  10. frogtownhollow

    Kermit's Christmas Capers???

    Does anyone know the status of the new Muppet Christmas special, "Kermit's Christmas Capers?" Or did I miss it?:confused:
  11. frogtownhollow

    Selling "Muppets Inside CD-ROM"

    Hello! I decided to see my extra copy of the "Muppets Inside CD-ROM" on ebay. It really is an awesome game.....It's a shame it isn't sold anymore. Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5792164074 Thanks! ;)
  12. frogtownhollow

    I think I've been cheated!

    Has ANYONE gotten their Uncle Deadly figures from OMGCNFO? I (as well as everyone else I'm sure) had their credit cards charged on June 29, but I still don't have my figure - and still no reply from several emails to OMGCNFO. I know they were away, but they've been back for a week now. Has...
  13. frogtownhollow

    Hamilton Mortorcycle Kermit & Piggy

    Hey guys, Has anyone actually bought either the Kermit or Piggy on a motorcycle figures from The Hamilton Collection? The pics look awesome :) ....a little too awesome. They both look like real photos of the actual puppets superimposed on a figurine motorcycle. If I'm wrong, so much the...
  14. frogtownhollow

    Does anyone like Andy or Randy Pig?

    I truly feel that one of the bad things about "Muppets Tonight" was the over-saturation of Andy and Randy Pig in the episodes. I understand there was a need for new characters, but they were just PURE ANNOYING!!!!!!! If we could have had all of the classic characters in there (which wasn't...
  15. frogtownhollow

    Jim Henson Figure....When? How?

    Hey guys, Has anyone heard anything else about the Jim Henson figure release date, other than just "in September"? Also, will it only be available through the Palisades Direct store? :p
  16. frogtownhollow

    Jim Is...Tribute Song

    Hey guys! In the buy/sell section I posted a note saying I was looking for a video of an awards ceremony that payed tribute to Jim Henson, that took place before Jim passed away. In fact, all of Jim's characters in the tribute to Jim were voiced and performed BY JIM! I have the...
  17. frogtownhollow

    WANTED: Jim Henson Tribute clip

    I'm looking for a video of a tribute to Jim that was made BEFORE he passed away. It was from an awards show, I believe, and it has Jim's Kermit introducing 4 groups of Muppets: The Muppet Show gang, The New York workshop with David Lazer & Michael Frith, Fraggle Rock in Toronto, and Sesame...
  18. frogtownhollow

    Scooter has 2 right arms!

    I just noticed that my Series 3 Scooter figure has 2 right arms! The hands are different, but the arms are the same, just that the left one appears to be the same mold as the right one, only attached backwards. Is anyone else's Scooter like this? Does this make him more valuable? ;)
  19. frogtownhollow

    Muppet Voice Mail Messages

    Does anyone know anyplace on the web that has muppet voice mail/answering machine messages? I thought I saw them once somewhere, but can't find it anymore! HELP! :confused:
  20. frogtownhollow

    Muppet Voice Mail Messages

    Does anyone know anyplace on the web that has muppet voice mail/answering machine messages? I thought I saw them once somewhere, but can't find it anymore! HELP! :confused: